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  1. I believe it is the nudibranch bornella Anguilla.
  2. That was funny Peter! I have 4 lights to choose from depending on the situation. Sola 4000's, a 2100 and a 2000. Also just got an itorch, but haven't used it much yet.
  3. Hello everyone, I know nudibranchs are not everyone's cup of tea. But they really are beautiful animals especially when viewed up close. I tried to isolate them with lighting as much as possible to focus on the animal and the amazing colors and textures they have. I hope you enjoy it. As always, comments and constructive criticism is always welcome. Always trying to improve. Thanks again, Dustin
  4. I haven't been happy with zooms either. I am curious if anyone has tried the new 16-35 f4 L. It has gotten great reviews. Looking for a replacement for the awful 17-40.....
  5. That will be interesting to see if it will work with stills. I would think your best bet would be to use a snoot of some kind to get the same effect. Dustin
  6. Thanks everyone for the great info.! I am interested in pygmys....although, they need to have an area around them for me to place a tripod. Walls don't work for me other than wide angle. Shooting macro video with a dslr has it's limits...
  7. Thank you for your comments. With the tube anemone. I didn't do anything special. I just lit it from above. Aiming the light straight down in it. Limiting the over spray of the light to the front and not the back. So the background would be darker. Dustin
  8. Hello everyone, I wanted to share my first video from our trip to Papua New Guinea. We stayed at Tawali and had the entire resort to ourselves for 12 days! it was really a fantastic spot and we really enjoyed both the diving and resort very much. While PNG is not exactly easy to get to, it should be on everyone's bucket list. This is the first of a few videos that I will be making from the trip. Let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy it! Or Youtube
  9. Hello everyone, I looking at planning a dive trip to Bali next September..ish. We would have 8-9 days of diving. Plus a few non dive days for topside stuff. I am looking for recommendations for how to approach this. Our group will be somewhat diverse, from hardcore divers/photographers to barely certified divers, to people who don't like to get wet. I am trying appease all involved, which I realize could be very difficult. Ideally, for the hardcore divers, we would want 4 dives a day. For the newbies and those that don't dive, looking for topside activities for the locations we would be diving at. And that could be as simple as laying at the beach at the resort, massages etc.... Also, with 8-9 days of diving, how many days should we spend at each location? What should we skip? What should we not miss? I love macro and night dives, but also want to do the manta dive and the Liberty (which also has great macro). I have done some of the topside stuff on Bali, so I am more looking to make this a big diving trip. But realize that I need to think about the others as well. Also, any experience with AbyssWorld? Any help offered would be appreciated. Dustin
  10. Nice job Jose! I really need to dive Bali. Dustin
  11. Now that I am back from the trip, I thought I would update the post to help others in the future. - our flights on air new nuigini had pre arranged baggage allowances. 46kgs for the BNE to POM leg, and 32 kgs for the POM to GUR domestics flight. - we checked in with the 46kgs each for the BNE to POM flight. So we thought we were going to have to pay overage for the domestic. Which had heard about $5 used per kilo over for domestic. So no fees for international - when we checked in for the domestic, I told them that we were divers and they gave us an extra 15 kilos for free. So we ended up not paying anything for baggage. Both ways, we did the diving trick. And that worked. However I think the key was getting the prearranged 32 kilos for the domestic. It's normally less than that. It actually stated it on our itinerary print out. - carry ons. We each had a think tank back back. They weighted probably 15 kilos at least and were packed full. They didn't ask us to weight them so it wasn't an issue. I didn't see them weighing other either. However most people didn't have a huge backpack and a roller bag. I suspect this would raise some alarms. - Virgin Australia. Will not and cannot check your bags onto air nuigini. In BNE you must collect your bags and go through customs and immigration...where we were sniffed by dogs. Then had to re check in with VA. And go through security etc...our flight arrived early so this helped. But the 2 hour layover would have been tough to hit, but we would have made it, barely. Thanks everyone for their help. Btw. Air nuigjni was surprisingly not an issues at all. All of our flights were on time. I recommend taking early morning domestic flights. Dustin
  12. We went in August last year. A 5mm is fine for wolf and Darwin. It was 72-74 degrees however if you end up doing the mola dives or iguanas...west fernadina...that got down to 56 degrees. I was glad I had a 7mm and a 3/5mm hood.
  13. Well, I just took the first Malarone pill a few hours ago....gotta say, I feel a bit dizzy. Anyone with experience, does this get better after a day or so? If not, the doxycycline might need to take over.
  14. Thanks everyone for the advice. I needed up getting a prescription for malerone (generic). I will start taking it today, and continue until 2 weeks after I get back from png. No long term use. I also have mosquito spray already packed. Hopefully I won't need it much! Want to be underwater most of the time. Thanks again, Dustin
  15. Good Info Cameron. I am wondering if just keeping up on the sunscreen would be okay with the doxycycline?
  16. Hello everyone, I am headed to PNG in a couple of weeks. Based on research from Wetpixel as well as other places. It seems Malerone is the most popular malaria prevention. However, my wife went to the doctor yesterday and he refused to prescribe it based on side effects. It seems that with a lot of people it can cause depression not just while you are on it, but long term. Anyone else had issues with this? He has instead prescribed Doxycycline. Which is still on the approved list for malaria from the CDC. Thoughts? Dustin
  17. I am pretty sure. Though I will update this thread after my trip. Apparently air nuigini doesn't want to play nice with virgin Australia, because VA has created competition by not screwing the consumer flying into png. So they don't want to work with them at all. The more I read about the travel issues....the costs....the worrying about safety...png is really not appealing. I am excited for the trip, but I have stressed about this more than any other trip I have had. We will see if it's all for not. We are going to be about 30 lbs over each for the interior flight. So hopefully they don't charge us $2000. Which is what I read from some blogs. I did learn yesterday, that there is a later flight in the day from Bne to Pom. So I am not as concerned with the 2 layover anymore. I thought it was once a day kind of deal. If we miss it they said we would just get put on that later flight. Dustin
  18. I called Virgin Australia, and I have seen a write up on experiences traveling to png. My question to you is, did they tag you baggage, on you original departure to go to POM. Or did the transfer desk do this for you? Do you know if virgin Australia coming in from lax, and air nuigini are in the same terminal? Appreciate your help. This trip is stressing me out. Dustin
  19. So I have learned that Virgin Australia doesn't have a baggage agreement with Air Nuigini. So the easy transit in BNE appears to not be able to happen. Is a 2 hour 10 minuted lay over enough time to get bags, got through immigration, and check in to the counter? Since I am not on the same itinerary....between VA and Air Nuigini. And I don't make the Air nuigini flight. I would be considered a "no show". Never had that happen. What happens in that scenario? Dustin
  20. Thanks Guys! Kaj, Thank you Kaj. I just posted it. Dustin
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