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  1. Hello Everyone, I wanted to share my latest video I have put together for my 'Rolling in the Deep' Series. This time it focuses on Macro subjects found in Komodo. I look shooting macro, and I don't feel that macro gets enough attention at least from the video side. Some of the coolest underwater characters are of the small variety. As alway, comments good bad or indifferent are always appreciated. Enjoy! Dustin Or Youtube, watch in HD.
  2. Thanks. I am doing the TDI intro to tec course right now. Wanted to be able to do doubles down there. With doubles on the first time, the long hose...etc. felt like I have never been diving before. LOL. I don't think I am planning on doing any real big deco diving. Just want enough air, that I won't have to come up after 15 minutes. With the camera, I really don't focus on my breathing as much as I should. So the air goes fast. Dustin
  3. I am not too worried about it. Siren is a pretty good company. I was in Komodo while they were preparing the Palau siren. They were preparing the crew and getting kinks working out from the boat end of things long before they put it in Palau. I also spoke to one of the owners about it too. I am thinking they are hiring some people with local knowledge already. It will be interesting. I am thinking they won't be as prepared for the hardcore tec divers like odyssey. But that might not be their target market. Dustin
  4. I did read your trip report. Thanks for posting that. I am currently taking the TDI intro to tec course. Very interesting. Double tanks is fun, but I don't know that I will use them that much in diving other than Truk. Learning how the isolation manifolds definitely takes practice. I agree gue is a little too much for me too. Why are saying the siren might have problems? They aren't supposed to start sailing until November this year. Dustin
  5. Thanks Nihal. Komodo is nice. Although the currents can make photography and video a challenge. Dustin
  6. That should be enough. Anilao is similar to Lembeh. Although some sites do have some coral. In Komodo, doing the tripod on the coral sites is much more difficult.
  7. Thank you. Yes I use the xit404 tripod. It works great. The only problem is finding a spot you want to shoot, and one that doesn't have coral as you don't want to be damaging anything. Which is harder than you think. Where there are lots fish, normally there is a lot of coral..
  8. Hello Everyone, I wanted to share the next installment of my Rolling in the Deep series. This time it is in Komodo Indonesia. This is a wide angle look. With a Macro version coming soon. Let me know what you think. Enjoy Dustin Or Youtube
  9. I have been getting emails from them on a monthly basis for a while. They are aggressive....they seem to me to be a new stock footage company trying to get their name out there. Dustin
  10. Really a Beautiful film! congrats Simon. Makes me want to go back to Fiji. Dustin
  11. Sorry to hear about the Galapagos trip. That kind of diving can be hit or miss. We just got back from a very disappointing trip to Socorro. Galapagos is still amazing, and you should try to go again in another year.
  12. Hello Everyone, I put together some clips of several Octopuses that I encountered during some night dives in the Philippines. Make sure to play in HD! Let me know what you think. Enjoy! Dustin https://vimeo.com/95510899 Or Youtube
  13. Again....Fantastic work Eunjae! Congrats on another great trip to Lembeh. Dustin
  14. I think he uses a RED on this. Not sure about lens though.
  15. Thanks for the feedback peter. But I think you are right, in the right circumstance it could be used. Dustin
  16. Hello Everyone, I played around with the circular end of the 8-15mm fisheye on a few dives in Komodo. It is kind of fun. I thought motion made it more interesting. The distortion and view of the reef is interesting as well. It certainly isn't something you would film with on a regular basis. Unless you had a specific idea you were going for. I am curious to know if there is a way to make the circle not cut off on the top and bottom. Anyway, let me know what you think. Dustin Or Youtube
  17. Thanks Stew. I used a 5d Mark II with a 100mm macro lens and at times the subsee diopter. As for the images, that's how many I downloaded from the NASA site and transformed into the timelapse sequences. 98% of them went unused, as they are kind of hit and miss with stability and quality. Nonetheless, went through a bunch. I am planning on doing a timelapse only video, that should be pretty cool. Since I have done most of the work, might as well put something together... Dustin
  18. Nick, I haven't even received it yet! LOL. I got a refurb from the apple site. At the moment, I don't plan to load W7 on it. I think the only reason I would would be to use my existing licenses for CS6 and Lightroom. Not sure if they will allow the windows license to be installed on a Mac...But if I find a need for it, I would do it. we can get the license for free through my wife's company so it isn't an issue, but if it's not needed, I won't do it. Most of the purchase was for weight considerations, as the laptop we have been using is ridiculously heavy. From a video standpoint, I don't plan on doing much editting on it. More or less a way to backup my video, and then when I get it home, edit it on my windows pc. I also thought it would be a good test to see what the mac world has too offer us. Both myself and my wife are pretty entrenched into PC because of our jobs, so there really isn't a way to completely away from it. For photography, we both plan on using it with Lightroom pretty heavily. And since that is so cheap and not part of CC, which I won't sign up for out of principle, I would buy it again to work on the MBP if I needed to. Dustin
  19. I was having the same dilemma. I ended up buying the 13" retina macbookpro. Is was only half a pound more than the air....and I liked that I could get 1tb ssd, and the higher Rez screen... The battery life of the air is appealing. I am a windows guy, so this Mac thing should be interesting. Although most of my editing will still be done at home on a windows PC. The MacBook is just for travel. It drove me crazy that there don't seem to be good options for 1tb drives in ssd for ultrabooks. Only asus had a 512gb. And everything has windows 8. Which I won't do. Dustin.
  20. We just got off the RDM last week. We had terrible wind conditions, so the diving was horrible 5 out of the 6 days. Worst I have ever done...however, that 1 good days. Was 3 of the best dives I have ever made. As for the boat, the RDM was certainly a capable boat. With the wind, the ocean was very choppy. And it's stabilizers helped a little. 1/3rd of the boat got sick on the way back. Overall, I thought it was a good boat. The camera table was adequate. With compressors as well. The rooms were small, but again adequate.. The crew was great, I have never seen a crew work harder. Food was fantastic. Breakfast was typical. Lunch was typically Mexican, with some great salsa and chips. Dinner was mixed, we had steak, tacos, pork,...very good. They accommodated our no seafood just fine. We had 3 groups and I thought that really helped eliminate the overcrowded issue. Although, sometimes if you are in the last group for the day, the other groups may scare away the stuff you are looking for. But, it can also be beneficial being last as well. I really liked the gear up station, as it was all standup instead of seated. Made gearing up, the best I have ever had on a live aboard. The things I didn't like about it. The dining room is at the bottom of the boat, in the hull. They said they put it there because it was the least rocking...well that may be true, but it was still seasickness waiting to happen. Not a lot of air movement, couldn't look out on the horizon, and it was very loud. Even though it appeared that they had tried to put sound mufflers on the walls, they did little good. In rough water the tables would be banging when the boat hit the water. The seating wasn't great either. It needed more shaded areas. The sun deck, is well, for sun. There is no shade. The shaded area is small, with couches. It was too small of an area, and we had a lot of sunbathers too. The camera rinse tanks. Basically they are barrels, that the put on the back swim deck of the boat. The barrels, aren't wide enough to easily fit a dslr with arms and lights in. And soaking was pretty much not going to happen. No way to put 2 dslr a in at the same time. In the rough waves we had, the tanks would have salt water splashing into them. So at t he end of the day they probably aren't fresh water anymore. If you have calm conditions this shouldn't be a problem. These issues, however, weren't bad enough that I wouldn't consider booking with again. Again they are a great crew. And would consider booking with them again if we were to return to Socorro. Dustin
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