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  1. Will I be able to check my luggage from vigin Australia to air nuigini? I am a little worried about our 2 hour and 10 minute layover...worried that won't be enough time. So you are saying the transfer is easy? Will the hassle us for the camera gear in the security check? I have status on delta which is a partner with vigin Australia, and I will be able to check everything through so I am not too worried about the carryon on VA from lax to Bne.
  2. Are you saying you do the photographers vest? Do you actually have to use it? I figure we would probably have a think tank roller for each of us, with the backpack too. All together weighing in at probably 80-90 pounds total. Is that really pushing my luck?
  3. To update...I am about to go on a trip in a couple of days. And I pulled out my sola's and yet again, the same 4000 that I have trouble with wouldn't turn on, despite being fully charged.. This would be my 4th time sending it in. Well...L & M gave me a new light. Even though it was past warranty - the original problem happened before the warranty. So they did the right thing, and am happy to say, at this point, I am satisfied with the outcome. It is nice when a company does the right thing. Hopefully I have the same luck as my other 4 sola lights I own which have worked flawlessly. Also, Backscatter was instrumental in getting this accomplished for me. So kudos to them as well. They are great! and a pleasure to work with. Dustin
  4. I believe the idea is to load up the vest with camera's lenses, lights, strobes etc....wear the vest to the check in counter, and through security. After you pass security, you just load all of it back into your carry on. It's ridiculous....
  5. What are peoples thoughts on trying to get both my wifes and I's full DSLR Rigs in as a carryon? We normally do that, so I know I can do it. the problem is that if they decide to weigh the carry on's. I can try the photographers Vest, with some cargo shorts routine. haven't done that before. but I am willing I was orginally thinking of checking them. But the more I think about it, I am wondering if carry on will work. Details of my flights, are Virgin Australia LAX > BNE...2 hour 10 minute layover. BNE to POM on Air Nuigini.....overnight in POM. POM > GUR on Air Nuigini. Is it going to be better to check, or carry on the camera gear. I have heard horror stories of the Australia airports. Any advice would be appreciated. Dustin
  6. That is good to hear! I really like to get the non divers engaged and normally have a pretty good reaction, because these macro/critter videos normally shows things that they have never seen. Personally, I find them more interesting than the sharks/whales/dolphins...only for the sheer fact it seems that kind of video is all that people see. Having said that....I am stoked to be going to Socorro in the next week and hopefully get some good sharks/whales/dolphins...LOL! Dustin
  7. Thanks. I am glad you liked it along with my other videos. Thanks for your comment as well. Dustin
  8. Nick, I just watched this on my computer, and it doesn't have the captions unless I choose it. I first watched it on my ipad. and I couldn't find a way to turn them off. So I thought it wasn't an option. Looks like it was was just an ipad thing... Regardless..Excellent video. Dustin
  9. Hey Nick really nice work. The only thing that I would recommend is changing the banner with all the information on it. It seemed very intrusive on the screen. Somehow making it smaller, with less words might be better. Just my 2 cents.. But otherwise, great as always. Dustin
  10. I have the same issue with a sola 4000. I am very frustrated. I sent them back to backscatter, who I bought it from. This is the 4th time I have sent it in.. I just want a replacement...very frustrated.
  11. Thanks, Thanks David...i prefer not to let Google have this stuff....they seem to be taking over the world.
  12. Hello Everyone, I have finished another short film. It is called Critter Planet. It has some old and new footage in it. But it also has a story line. Also, I have added some timelapse from the International Space Station. I downloaded over 150,000 pictures to try to get what I came up with for moving earth sections. Whats even cooler, is that they allow anyone to use it free of charge! (as long as you give them credit). Let me know what you think. Please like, share and comment! Or for Youtubers!
  13. Really Beautiful. Thanks for posting. We are headed there in August. This film just got me more stoked about it! Dustin
  14. Drew, Alright....I fixed it. On the vimeo one only though, since youtube doesn't let you replace videos and keep stats and such. I completely revamped the beginning so there were no misspellings. And did narration instead of words on the screen. And replaced the shark clip that was out of focus. Thanks again for the feedback! Dustin
  15. Thanks. We will be doing the siren boat, and some land based as well.
  16. Jeff Honda has some good stuff... https://vimeo.com/user16419009 Check out his profile on Vimeo....he has a few others too..
  17. Have you thought about a dslr? They certainly have some disadvantages....which have been discussed many times before. But as far as quality is concerned...in my opinion there isn't much that can match the quality of picture with the exception of the RED. Another consideration would be bmcc. Not a lot out yet about underwater use...but still something to consider. Dustin
  18. Thank you, unfortunately....there are some divers....and some bubbles. I do really try to keep that stuff out of it. They are hard to, if you aren't looking for them. As for the orcas...no they aren't normal. Supposedly they will come for a day every few months. It was interesting, because the birds would hover over them, so you knew where they were. If you are wanting whale sharks...and orcas show up.....you are going to be disappointed. The whale sharks head for deeper water, and you won't see any. They were at Darwin... Dustin Thanks rob. We went in the middle of August on the aggressor boat....
  19. We are headed on there in April.....your post now has me a little concerned! It surprises me that any live aboard would not have a sufficient camera table with so many photographers nowadays.
  20. Thanks everyone! Dustin I can't believe I mispelled that! I read over it about 10 times...Thanks for letting me know. The shark clip, upon further review is out of focus. Thanks for the catch I will try to correct these items and re upload the site. Thanks for the help Drew! Dustin
  21. Hello Everyone, I wanted to share with you a film I recently made called Darwin's Dream. It was filmed in 5 short days of diving in the Galapagos Islands. I was fortunate enough to win the Bronze award in the Our World Underwater film competition. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. I hope you enjoy it! Dustin Or on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIXyU8MkdjI
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