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  1. PRICE DROP. YS -120 $125.00 YS - 90DX $100.00 Ys - 30 . $50.00
  2. Selling Sea & Sea custom flat port with rear port cover. Excellent condition. Glass is perfect. $150.00 Also selling Sea & Sea Extension Port Ring 40. $100.00 If you buy both will discount. Buyer pays shipping. Contact me directly at : Mrginhop@aol.com
  3. I'm selling all my strobes that are in perfect working order & in great condition. There are a few scuff marks but the strobe works flawlessly. Never flooded. Sea & Sea YS-120 Duo- $150.00 Sea & Sea YS-90DX Duo- $120.00 Sea & Sea YS-30 Duo -$60.00 Selling separately but if you buy all three will discount.
  4. I figured out what the problem was. Turns out the flash setting was on red eye. I missed that somehow. Duhh. Works great now.
  5. Housing in excellent condition with TTL bulkhead included. About 50 dives. $900 plus shipping
  6. I recently purchased a S&S DX housing for the Nikon D50. It came with the TTL bulkhead & converter. I was told it would work fine with my S&S DX90 & 120 Duo flashes to enable me to get TTL. It doesn't. Works fine in manual mode but does not seem to work in TTL. Flashes are going off at full power. What am I missing here?
  7. I think I'd be looking at around $1000. Shipping at your expense. It is in great condition. Has the S&S TTL converter built in (an extra). Never flooded.
  8. I have a Sea & Sea housing in excellent condition for the D50 if you are still interested. Mike
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