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  1. Thanx Has anyone tried the Ikelite AF-35 or know weather its any good?
  2. after careful consideration, i am thinking of getting either the S&S YS-27DX, the S&S YS-110a , Intova ISS-2000, or the Inon D-2000. I like the Inon strobe the best. The Intova strobe is cheap but has decent specs. Does anyone know weather its any good? My biggest concern is with arms (accept the Intova strobe). Would Inon and S&S strobes work with the same arms? Any suggestions as to a good arms for about $100 - $150? Thanx for the advice
  3. I recently got a G11 and a WP-DC34 and I want to get a strobe for it. I was hoping to spend $100-$200. I have found a few options, but as i have not used an underwater strobe before, im not sure about compatibility. My three options are: S&S YS25a, S&S YS-15 auto, and Olympus UFL-1. Does anyone know weather these will work with my G11? Or does anyone have any suggestions of strobes that will? Any help is appreciated. Thanx
  4. As far as strobes, I might be able to get either the Olympus UFL-1 like i said earlier or the Sea&Sea YS-15a both for <$200. Would either of these work with the G11? As for camera settings, I have set it to raw. BTW, when you are taking pictures of the camera, is there a more efficient way to convert them to JPG? Ive been using the "Digital Photo Professional" program that came with the camera, and doing them 1 by 1. Not a big deal yet, but when I go on a trip, ill have like 2000 pictures. As for white balancing, im not really sure how to do that. I know a bit about cameras but not alot. My friend might be able to help me out thou. Thanx
  5. I just got a G11 and WP-DC34 to. I took it for a yesterday and noticed the flash kinda sucks. Ive been looking at strobes, but my question is how do I know weather or not the strobe is compatible? Does anyone have any suggestions for a good low budjet strobe? Im hoping to spent $100-200 (less if possible) I may be able to get an olympus UFL-1 for $130. Would this work with the G11? Im very new at this so I dont really know what im doing. Ive been shooting with really high ISO. like 1600 to get more light. Everything else is default. Is there a better way to increase the light> Thanx
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