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  1. Hi guys, I've got a couple of Scubalamp V6Ks to sell. Minimal use. A couple of dives in the Sollies but been rinsed and put in their case ever since. Based in NZ but happy to ship. Make me a reasonable offer and we can go from there. Cheers Adam
  2. Bro, looks really mint. Will have a good look later.
  3. Hi guys, I want to be able to mount a single 15000 lumens video light on the hot shoe mount of my RX100 housing for 4K video to keep things streamlined for freediving and honestly, symmetrical to sooth my OCD. Is this going to be a bad idea for backscatter/video quality/ etc? Cheers
  4. Eek.. may be changing my mind. The LX100 II looks like it is a lot more camera than the RX100 VA, especially for photos but does it hold up in the video department? I can see the lack of an built-in ND filter being a bit of an issue for video? Does anyone have experience or can comment? Thanks peeps! :-)
  5. So, I'm getting a Sony RX100 VA and will be doing -mostly- bluewater/good vis video in tropical locations in the top 5-20m of depth. 1) I was recently alerted to the fact that white balance is an issue with the RX100 V/VI cameras - why can I not simply use auto white balance in video mode and adjust colour afterwards in Premiere using fast color corrector and such? 2) Also, I noticed something about there being a white balance meter in the centre of certain photo modes (which I presume would be easy to just use a white card for WB) however this feature is not available in video mode. This then goes on to note this does not matter as video can be started in any mode.. is the significance of this that you can do the white balance in any mode and then start video, thus tricking the camera into using the white balance you have set? 3) Shit this sounds like a lot of work freediving :-D Cheers guyz Adan
  6. Greetings, Can you combine these from different cameras in the post production process in Adobe PP and export as your standard 30fps? I presume this is what one would want to do.. the 60fps is there to capture fast motion if needed. Chur Adam
  7. Bump up the contrast and hit up the sat, right? Fark, is that right? Why is that? I'm sure I've seen good pictures coming from the RX100 in macro? Don't you just change the WB in Premiere Pro, too? That's what I've been doing thus far with my GoPro stuff but then, I feel like.. the colours are right but there's not as much. Impact? Maybe I'm even more noob than I thought.
  8. Thanks Chris. Regarding white balance, don't you just shoot raw then adjust WB in Lightroom or PP?
  9. Hi guys, Anyone here dived the Solomons much? Especially around Western Province? Want big pelagics and big reef fish.. dogtooth tuna, big sharks, etc. Cheers, Adam
  10. Hi guys, I used to froth on UW photography with my shitty little Canon G11 and Canon housing. Since then, that camera's died.. I used an E-M1 for a while but getting the housing and ports/domes etc for the lenses was too expensive. I just sold my E-M1 due to a lack of use but, I was thinking.. my time with a compact underwater was great, so... I mostly want to use this camera for ambient light wide angle shots of underwater scenes but, I have no doubt I'll get into wanting to do more macro and using the strobes I have. I'm thinking about getting an RX100 VA with a Fantasea housing for it and then, using some of my existing toys from my G11.. like the Inon S2000 strobes, optics, etc. I have a few questions or comments and would like you lovely people to help. I feel like the RX100 VA with the Fantasea housing is what I can afford and possibly the best performance in a.. compact package. 1) I'm going with the VA rather than the mark 6 due to the more open aperture and I feel like this would make a large difference in ambient light. Also, the Fantasea housing restricts the zoom range to 67mm anyway, so, the extra reach of the mark 6 is relatively useless. Thoughts? Correct decision? 2) When using a wide angle lens/fisheye versus a standard (rectilinear?) lens at a given aperture, the fisheye will give more DOF for the given aperture over the standard lens, right? 3) I have these stackable Inon 165 M67 lenses but.. what do they actually do? I never used them with my G11... they don't actually increase magnification, right? Just affect focusing distance? 4) What lens is the one in the image I have provided? I feel like I never used this either.. but it doesn't have any markings or writing I can see? https://imgur.com/dOft9mo https://imgur.com/yT6EMgx 5) What would be the best overall/quality vs cost wide angle/fisheye 67mm lens for the Fantasea housing for the RX100? 6) I actually have a ridiculous amount of questions as I want to get really into this - last time I was doing photos I didn't really know what I was doing. Is there someone that can take me under their wing via a messenger and I can ask endless annoying questions? I think that'll do it.. thanks for all the awesome articles over the years, too! WetPixel is still what I check every morning along with the local paper and Surfline. (Sorry about my impossible to understand mental vomit, haha) Cheers Adam
  11. Hi guys, I'm looking at buying a Sony RX100 VA in a Fantasea housing (as mentioned in other sections.) How will the video from this compare with the video I shoot from my GoPro Hero 7 Black? 4K vs 4K? I know the RX100 only has 30fps.. will it be a pain to combine footage of 4K30 with 4K60 footage? And what's the quality, etc, going to be like from the RX100? I'm a spearo and freediver, so, doing most of my diving in ambient light but, then... I do have those strobes. Cheers Adam
  12. MitHere

    Dry Suits

    God, haha. I do not like cold water.. 12oC sounds awful I had a dip in a 12oC lake during a trek this summer... *Shudder* Good idea on hiring it to myself, though.. Love this forum!
  13. So, building on the other thread. I've never been diving in a DS before - I got a brief talking to from the dive shop, they have said after my trip they will take me down to the pool and teach me to use the DS as part of the purchase but in 2 days, I will be diving in this. It will be 10m/33ft MAX so not too much to go wrong. How do you dive in a dry suit? I just know lift left arm to descend (Keep the valve half open).. if all the air goes to your feet (Thank God for Hollis batfins!) then rectify this.. etc. Cheers Adam
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