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  1. If it's any help the housing for the 5050 is roughly 14x16x17 centimetres and it does have a wriststrap. When you add the counterweight to it it's as good as neutrally buoyant. I know nothing about the C50 and C60; infact I didn't know there was a C60 until you mentioned it.
  2. Thanks. That doesn't appear anywhere in the manual as far as I can see?
  3. Hmm, I seem unable to get the flash to fire in super-macro mode?
  4. An Olympus C5050z and PT015 will come in on budget with a bit to spare for a decent sized memory card too. I take as a .tif file that weighs in at 14MB so the 32MB card supplied doesn't go far. I managed to get a 5050, a housing and a 2.2GB Microdrive for about £640. I did get a *big* discount on the camera (business contact) but that was nearly 12 months ago. However I believe the camera can now be had for roughly what I got it discounted to.
  5. I think the next step in my photography would be to add a strobe to my setup; though that would be for next years Expedition as I leave on this years in 2 days. I see that most people carry their camera (well I guess it's the obvious thing to do) during the dive, however I am not able to do this. Being a disabled diver I use my arms for mobility, and to some extent to keep still when not swimming, so wear my camera on a strap around my neck as we often do in the dry world, only taking hold of it when actually taking a photograph. Would the addition of a strobe make this more difficult? I am thinking specifically would a strobe attached to the camera encroach into my vision or hinder the swimming arms? As an aside, I found the PT010 housing excellent in this respect having a neckstrap as part of the kit. When swimming it naturally hung down against my lower torso. However the PT015 has no such facility, only a wrist strap to which I have attached a neckstrap. The main drawback I see to this is that it is attached to only one point instead of two. It will get it's first outing next week.
  6. I've only been round here a couple of weeks so haven't met anyone through wetpixel, *but* a few years back I logged three dives with an American guy called Jack Connick and I see there is someone on this board with that name. Don't know if it's the same one? Jack, if you are reading this, did you dive in Fethiye, Turkey in September 2000? If so then Hi! Whenever I go out there I still get reminded how we ruined a search and recovery dive by picking up the coke bottle when looking for Seahorses at Sari Yallar (Yellow Stones ). :roll:
  7. The Olympus C5050z is convenient as day day-to-day camera in my opinion. As to housings, I have only used the basic Olympus ones, currently the housing for the C5050z can be had for £116 in the UK. It may be worth mentioning that I read a number of (digital) photography magazines and advertisers seem no longer to list the C5050z, but everyone lists the C5060z that came out soon after it. The C5060z has a slightly longer zoom range but apart from that I know nothing about it.
  8. I'll have to agree about the Olympus route, I have used an Olympus C3020z (was I the only person to own this model? I have seen other people with C3040z but never the C3020z) on my last two expeditions which I found did what I wanted. At the end of my last trip my Turkish mate made me an offer for it which I accepted. I have now bought an Olympus C5050z which will get it's first underwater outing next week when I arrive in Thailand for a month of diving. Next time I get a good offer for my kit I will probably upgrade to a C8080z.
  9. Thanks for the comments James. My question was actually intended (though probably badly worded?) as *should* you upsize an image rather than *how* to do it. My thoughts are that by upsizing you are degrading the quality of the image by introducing data that is not originally there. I also find it odd that they insist on an image that fills a magazine page regardless of the orientation of the image. I have never seen an image taken in landscape format printed portrait to fill a magazine page? If you must upsize an image, from what I have seen you get a better result using the Genuine Fractals plug-in for PhotoShop (Elements) than using PhotoShop its self. David
  10. I have seen that a diving magazine (won't mention which) is running a photography competition. They say they accept digital photos *but* when you read the size that they require I don't see how many people can enter? The rules say that the photo can be entered as either a .jpg or .tif *but* must be 297x210mm (A4) at 300 dpi. This equates to 3508x2480 pixels, which is 8.7megapixels. I don't know of any cameras more than 8MP and the majority of people would be shooting at 5MP or less. They also state that if they consider a photo to be worthy of a double page spread they reserve the right to request a bigger (presumably twice as big) file. Any thoughts or comments? Would you enlarge a 5MP photo using something like, say, Genuine Fractals? It just seems to me that there won't be a lot of entries from digital photographers otherwise. David
  11. Thats the one, thanks, I can stop telling people it's a Toadfish now. David ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Current photos: Olympus C3020z || Olympus PT010 All future photos: Olympus C5050z || Olympus PT015
  12. One other fish from my Vietnam trip I would like to positively identify; It first caught my attention as I swam above it because it looked for all the world like a Frog sitting on the seabed. An Australian dive guide working out there suggested it may be a Toadfish, though he wasn't sure. Fishbase doesn't list any Toadfish in that region and searching the net for pictures of Toadfish doesn't show me anything that looks like this one. Again it's not in Reef Fishes Corals And Invertebrates Of The South China Sea but I should be getting Debelius - Asia Pacific Reef Guide before my Expedition to Thailand next week. David ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Current photos: Olympus C3020z || Olympus PT010 All future photos: Olympus C5050z || Olympus PT015
  13. Thanks guys, an internet search on Spiny Devilfish, Inimicus didactylus brought up some pictures to confirm it. Whitehead, Reef Walker seems a very good description - it did appear to walk around. I have one other fish from that trip I would like to positively identify [all my other diving has been Eastern Meditereannean, but off to Thailand for a month in a few days], I will put it in a new thread. David
  14. This strange fish was seen on a trip to Vietnam a couple of years back. I can't find anything like it in "Reef Fishes, Corals And Invertebrates Of The South China Sea". The Dive Guides on the boat could not offer any suggestions so I wonder if any knowledgeable people here could. I attach two photos, one facing it and one side view. The fish appeared to walk on the seabed. David
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