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  1. I have seee several references to electronic device limits (including cameras) that travelers may bring into ecuador. Not sure how authoratative any are. Here is a link to a custons form that talks about new and used numbers of devices that may be brought in by individuals and famalies. Im not sure how old the form is and whether its still being used. My wife and I each have an I iphone- does that count as a camera? I suspect not, but it may depend on who is manning the customs booth at the time. I agree that this sounds absurd and I have never run into this in quite a bit of international travel. But, if you spend several minutes on google with the right search words this issue will come up repeatedly. http://gringosabroad.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/allowable-to-bring-to-ecuador-customs.jpg
  2. Ive read various accounts of how many cameras I can take to the Galapagos but the answer is not clear to me. Id like to take my 2 canons and their uw cases and a lumix bridge zoom for the Peru after-trip. The customs regs are clear as mud to me.
  3. The camera does flash in that mode if I set it to. So, maybe ok if I'm not shooting macro? Forgive my ignorance-- I'm a beginner who does find manual almost frightening.
  4. I am interested in adding a strobe and am wondering if the ys-01 will work in dummy point & shoot underwater mode with my canon S100?
  5. looking at an upgrade, does anyone know if any of the newer power shots will fit?
  6. Left Raja Ampat 5 days ago and took malarone for our 10 night LOB .We did 5 shore excursions and used deet on those,too. Using these two preventive measures is not a close call for my wife and I---we see it as a no brainer.....very little to no downside and a huge upside.
  7. Thanks to all for the information. REALLY nice images--special thanks to both of you. Looks like a wonderful place for a holiday. Still haven't made a final decision on whether to go back to Indonesia or a first Maldives trip. Maldives aggressor has deep discounts on some trips and I'm also looking at Sachika.
  8. I've always wanted to dive the Maldives and I'm seeing some good prices for LOBs, but I've read some pretty alarming things about the condition of the coral ---supposedly lots of bleaching in the past year. Can anyone shed light?
  9. Wananavu @raki raki has some of the best diving that I've done....soft corals like I've never seen. Very good value for the accom.----friendly staff and good food....the ocean view bures have a wonderful view. Definately a resort we would repeat. Pretty long drive from the airport, but we enjoyed the scenery and our driver stopped to provide us with our first round of kava upon the mere mention of our desire to try it later.
  10. Spent eleven nights on Bali last sept and loved it. Suggest you spend most of you time around tulamben. We stayed at Mimp in tulambeni--mimpi was ok,but I wouldn't stay there again. Will try Scuba Seraya next time in Tulamben. Pj and secret bay in the north if you like muck--we stayed at Villa Amertha for 2 nights while in the north(Villa Amertha is wonderful) If you go during mola mola season(not Feb.), you might want to stay on lembongan so you can get to secret bay early---lots of people there to see the mola....best chance to see the mola if you beat the crowd. Spend a couple of days at Ubud to offgass and take in the culture. Mostly macro from what we saw. We used Bali International Diving Professionals(BIDP) and would book with them again--they arranged the whole safari and did an excellent job. Love Bali...will go back next year on the way to R4.
  11. Another vote for Bonaire. In fact, Bonaire and Curacao are the only Caribbean islands that I would travel to in September. Bonaire has very good diving(,esp. from the shore),great food, reasonable prices, and a wonderful dry climate. We like the accomodations at the Divi .For more info, try the website Bonairetalk.com
  12. I think Mermaid II also has 2 singles below deck. Less money than MMI but 8 fewer dives.
  13. I am planning a late september/early october trip to Bali. This will be my first Bali trip,so I have no personal knowledge;but everything I read says good weather in september/oct.. Most of the sources I've looked at say that sept. is the best chance of a mola mola encounter.We're also thinking about a side trip to Komodo ,but we haven't decided if losing a couple of dive days to fly to lauban bajo would be worth it.
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