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  1. The Sea & Sea products are out of my budget i'm afraid.. I was between Ikelite and Aquatica and hopefully in a few months i'll have the later Glad to hear you are a pleased user of the housing Dag !
  2. Actually it's the one that i'm saving my $$ for ( ), but i wasn't sure there was a port for the new version of the 16-35. Thanks scubastu!
  3. Thank you both for all the info.. Next step will be reading the rest of the forum and hopefully in a few months i'll post my first pics. That's a necessary step before each new purchase
  4. James, thank you very much for taking the time to answer! So the whole package would be the housing, the port and a proper dome to fit the 16-35. All that plus the strobes, the converter circuit, the brackets and the cables complete the setup i guess. Is it possible to use the same port and dome for another lens (i'm thinking 100L Macro ) ?
  5. Hello all.. i've been searching a lot during the last couple of months for a housing for my Canon 5D mark2. I'm new to underwater housings and the first problem that came up with some products that caught my attention was that there is no dome available for the 16-35 mkII lens. Also, i see great difference in prices amongst different brands, up to 200% and more. Is that difference substantial in built quality or is it possible to find a viable -financially- solution that will last in time ? Also, are the strobes cross compatible between brands ? Thank you for your time in advance for helping another noobie ..
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