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  1. do you consider that a SI-2k with a hydroflex housing and a Panasonic 3d-a1 with a gates housing are good enough for filming something "world class"? Anyone interested in talking about this? I’m looking for feedback and potential film opportunities, would need divers to film. PM please __________________ Jorge A. MAHAUAD ------------------------------------------- Advanced Diving in the Galapagos Islands Recreational & Technical Diver Training Galapagos Rebreather Trips and Expeditions Underwater Exploration and Diver Support ------------------------------------------- www.galapagosrebreathers.com www.advancedgalapagosdiving.com
  2. Hello Everyone, Thank you very much for your advice. I got a SONY HDR-XR520V and an Equinox Housing for it. What do you think of it? Cheers, Jorge
  3. Hello there, I need your help! I want to buy a video camera and housing. All under USD 2000,00. For internet HD video, maybe some clips for local TV. Could you provide advice, I'd rather buy something new, but if a reaaly good second hand opportunity comes I would evaluate... I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER about filming UW, cameras and all that..... Thank you!! Jorge
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