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  1. Caloria Sp. 1 is the final word. :-)
  2. Thank you - I'm finally home with my ID books (sadly though not from a dive trip). Caloria indica seems like a good fit. Andy
  3. Despite considerable effort, I am unable to identify this nudibranch from a trip to Wakatobi. So I'm finally willing to impose on the viewers of this forum for help. Sorry for the quality; I couldn't get closer without potentially touching something. The critter is about an inch long. Thank you! Andy
  4. Hi, I'm looking at adding the UN LCD magnifier (assuming I can find one) to my FIX S-90 housing which has rails. Can you tell me the spacing of the rails on the housing? Looks like the FIX has a separation of 44 mm +-. Thanks, Andy
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