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  1. I have used this lens on numerous occasions and absolutely love it. It's my favourite lens by far. On a side note, how does one embed videos on the forum these days? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvs-vgQvgvY
  2. Although I'm not a fan of fisheye video, I did enjoy that. Well done, it looks great
  3. A small sample of clips from my first outing with the Laowa 24mm probe lens, mounted in a Gates housing. Two things of note - Stability. A tripod will be very helpful to keep the shots stabilised. Any movement is exaggerated with this lens. Light. At a minimum of F14, this lens needs some serious light and it also has a very shallow depth of field. I like the new perspective this lens will give and I feel like interacting with animals will be far more entertaining using this lens. https://youtu.be/doT3IQx2o54
  4. Hey Val, I haven't had time to write another in depth article for the AX700 as yet but it is a significant leap forward over the AX100. I am currently in the process of creating a full post production training series, using the free version of Davinci Resolve so keep an eye out for that when it is released. Cheers Pete.
  5. Don't confuse BT2020 with HDR. They are not one and the same. You can record and or deliver in BT2020 but if you want to deliver HDR then you must set your timeline to monitor and deliver an HDR compliant file.
  6. Keepin mind that HDR is not resolution specific. Comparing HDR to 4K is not really a viable comparison.
  7. Thank you Lior Thanks Evil Otter LOL. ​YouTube has compressed the image quality as well. If your housing is trimmed up nicely, you can get good stable footage handheld. ​It does take some practice though.
  8. Bub it was my first time in Bali and the rubbish situation was an eye opener for sure. ​It is a shame that the Balinese treat the land that way.
  9. No tripod used Pyroracer. All handheld. Having a housing that is able to be trimmed up for neutral buoyancy makes a huge difference. One of the many benefits of using a dedicated video system is the ability to trim the housing perfectly. Plenty of practice helps too mate.
  10. Certainly could be Bub but I didn't see a need to do that. The amount of rubbish was quite astonishing.
  11. A little selection of macro goodness from a recent trip to Bali. Huge thanks to the entire team at The Underwater Tribe for taking me diving For anyone interested, this is the equipment list and settings etc - Shot on Red Scarlet W, 5K @ 40fps on a 25fps base timeline. Gates Pro Action Housing and Gates GT-14 Video Lights were used. The Nikon 70-180mm macro lens was also used and turned out to be a very versatile lens. The R3D's were edited and graded in Resolve 14.1 and a couple of clips were post stabilised. There wasn't a great deal of grading needed as the H20 OLPF works nicely, especially when white balanced off a white slate. Hope you enjoy.
  12. Despite almost zero information within the Red colour channel, the R3D files from the Scarlet W still grade up nicely. Took about 12 nodes to get to this point but considering the starting point of this clip, it turned out reasonably well, especially given the conditions. Conditions were tough with maybe 5 metres vis, surgy and lots of floating particles. This shot was about 18 metres deep. Scarlet W, 5k 50fps, Nikon 16-35mm and 8 inch dome on the Gates Pro Action Housing. Graded in Davinci Resolve 14.
  13. Resolve will let you subclip and export that subclip as a new file.
  14. Correct Tom, the dioptre was attached directly the camera lens, inside the housing.
  15. Yeah my bad, it was a long day and tired eyes ​No they didn't get eaten, the little critters are still very much alive LOL Tom I am not sure what the skeleton shrimp is, I didn't even notice it until I watched the footage back. ​This footage was shot using the Sony AX100/Gates Housing/Gates GT-14 Video Lights with Tiffen Blue Filters attached. ​I was using the flat port and a Hoya +4 dioptre and the Gates tripod. Hope that answers your questions mate
  16. Sydney has some very diverse marine life for a major tourist hub and Botany Bay, being on the door step of Sydney's international Airport is a surprisingly healthy environment. ​Some of the more cryptic species living in Botany Bay ate the Pigmy Pipehorses. These little critters are so well camouflaged that they are sometimes impossible to see even when looking directly at them. I put a little video together of a recent dive I did to film the Pigmy Pipehorses, hope you enjoy it.
  17. Tom you are absolutely right that the brain is always white balancing. ​When we are subjected to an image that is biased towards one particular colour then after a few minutes our brain starts to white balance the colours, trying to minimise the more prevalent colour and boosting the other two primary colours. ​This is why we often think that our images looked better on the camera when we recorded them underwater and then we download the footage afterwards and are disappointed in how the colours look on our computers, it is because our brain is white balancing while underwater. Colour also plays a psychological role in our videos, we perceive dark green to be dangerous and edgy, yet a more neutral white balanced image has a calming effect on us & therefore is usually more appealing.
  18. Here is a series of shots from 2016 using the Sony AX100 in a Gates Housing and Gates GT-14 Video Lights. Hope you enjoy
  19. This is a sample of AX100 footage, in a Gates Housing and GT-14 video lights with Tiffen Filters attached. ​This sequence was shot with a dioptre attached to the camera, behind the flat port of the housing and was shot in Botany Bay, Sydney Australia.
  20. Here is a short clip taken with a Sony AX100/Gates Housing/Gates GT-14 Lights & Tiffen Filters, shot onboard Mike Ball's Spoilsport out at Osprey Reef, Great Barrier Reef Australia.
  21. I would love to see an AX100 MK2 with 60p, 220mbps and a few other upgrades but whether that will come in 2017 or 2018 is anybody's guess. The AX100 is still a solid investment and a very capable camera in the right hands.
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