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  1. Hello I just scanned through this post, and wanted to just say that the Canon 5D Mark ll is 21.1 Megapixel Full-Frame Sensor, and the 7D is a 18.0 Megapixel Cropped Sensor. If you really want a full frame camera where you mm lens is true to what it say on your lens it will be and the Canon 5D Mark ll. This camera is amazing and shoots great both video and still! You get the 1Ds Mark lll Sensor in you 5D Mark ll what else could ya ask for right!? Not really to what the person was asking about "what video is better" but I believe is a very big part of the camera being full frame or not Thanks
  2. true true thats ebay for ya still searching for that housing I am now, haha! the number of housings for the 1d/1ds mark ll seem to be very few. not an easy find... thanks thanks
  3. well the bid went from this morning at 2 days left to ended haha, not sure what was up with ebay, but i was unable to bid in in time and the buy it now price was gone once the reserve had been met. it went for 1400! deff in my budget sad to say i missed it. dose anyone else know of any other underwater housings that will fit a canon 1ds mark ll? thanks, again John
  4. just looking over the ebay page and the person only used it twice how crazy. would love to get my hands on that housing, 3 days left on the bidding its a little outta budget but i am trying haha! gotta love the student budget, as a photography is my major i really want to hit into this underwater photography! thanks,
  5. Thanks yea I will keep an eye on it. also with emailing them and asking if the lens port comes with. Only 1000 off of new on bhphoto, but still nice.
  6. Hello, I am John a photography major at Daytona State college joint with the University of Central Florida. A friend I met at the DEMA Show here in Orlando this past November, while volunteering told me to check this site out for some photo gear. I have the basic low budget college students have, and for that a photography student haha. I have been able to save up for a used Canon 1Ds Mark ll, and would love to get a housing for it. If anyone has a used but in good condition underwater housing that fits a canon 1ds mark ll please let me know! I know that one the main housing made for it is the Seacam housing and I would love to have one. I am one of 2 students in my program that shoots underwater, and the only one shooting digital underwater. I have been barrowing a friends housing but he has sold it and I would really just like to get one for my camera. Thanks for any help! Thanks, John
  7. Hello, John here this is my first post/reply since I have to reply to a post before I can post my own topic. I am a long the same line of looking for a Canon 1Ds Mark ll underwater housing. I was hoping you had been able to find one and hoping that someone else might have a good deal I could get on. I am a student and my budget it very tight as almost all college students that is. But I have been able to get a Canon 1Ds Mark ll used after saving a longgg time and was really hoping to get a set up to take it underwater! Thanks, John
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