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  1. I have a nauticam z7 housing, plus z7 for sale, used on one dive trip. Will sell for a reasonable offer. Housing has the vacuum system and ttl board for Nikon. Looking to upgrade to a z9 housing.



    1. zook


      Hey, Gary. Sorry I never reacted to your message, I've just got to see it. Do you still have the housing? I am still looking for options. I have a z7 body as well, I am looking for a housing only. The vacuum system is a great extra!


    2. Gary.Makai


      Yes I still have it

  2. I use the nikon 10-14mm with my d500 for rectilinear ultra wide (weitwinkel) angle. It has the widest angle of view of the available choices and the best optics currently available. Have been very happy with the results both on my old 300s and the new D500.
  3. I have used this lens with a d810, nauticam housing and zen 170mm and 230 domes. I used a 30mm extension ring no diopter needed. Love it with my 170mm dome Tack sharp! My go to UW wide angle rectilinear lens
  4. I have a D810 and am impressed with the times that I had to shoot it at high iso (8000-10000), the shots had some visible noise on the raws easily handled with photoshop noise reduction. Have not as yet started to use it underwater, my first trip with it is comming up soon. I would go with the 810 over the 750 as it is a pro body, with enougfh MP after a dx crop to give you a great image. At 1.2 crop it is a 24mp camera that shoots at 6fps. You will appreciate the 36mp full frame on wide angle shots. If budget is an issue the D800E will also yield spetacular results, but it does not focus as well as the 810 or have as good an iso response.
  5. Look at fstopgear, lighter than thinktank, more verisitile.
  6. I had used this with the 10mm lens and an olympus fcon fisheye converter to geiv 130 degrees angle of view while snorkling. Worked great, good image quality, good enough to make it into wyp finals. wish it could go deeper, perhaps next generation?
  7. I would like to get 2800 for the housing, but doubt I will end up with that. I am based in Maryland. I would consider selling the housing for offers above $2000.
  8. I just upgraded my system to a D810 and received my new D810 housing. I am planning on selling my d800 nauticam housing as I no longer will be using it. The housing is set up for fiberoptic strobs or ttl electric cables via a single electrical passthrough. The Vacum suytem shares the same passthrough. Housing works great and is in excellent condition, never flooded, used on about 4 trips. Probably has a few minor scratches. Comes with the handles, vacum pump, front port cover. Open to offers. May also be willing to part with my D800E with about a 2.5 year mack warranty on it, if the price is right. I would then pick up a second d810 for back-up
  9. Should have mine later today, will report on how it works with my D800 nauticam housing.
  10. I used to use 2 carryons, a thinktank security and a thinktank airport accelerator backpack. I now have a shoulder problem and am unable to lift the 35+pound bags into the overhead. I purchased a thinktank logistics manager bag to be checked with my housing, ports, strobes and clamps, plus other necessities (weight is 50 pounds loaded). I will carryon my backpack with my computer, dslr and lenses. I have flown business class into the pacific on singapore, continental, cathay without problems with the 2 carryons, except that the TSA guys at hong kong refused to let me pass with 2 carryons.
  11. I have recently used their AW1 underwater while snorkeling, Worked great at 15 fps, with tack sharp focus. Can't wait to see the new v3 with the cx 70-300mm for topside wildlife. a Housing could make this a great UW camera. Light weight and less bulk than a dslr system.
  12. There is a lot of variability in the D800/D800E sensor performance that appears to be a combination of alignment and sensor manufacturing issues. You can test your sensor with reiken focal which will give you a map of all 51 sensor points. I went through 4 bodies before I found one with good sensor performance. What you want is good IQ with minimal change across the sensors. A quick way to check your fine tuning is to use a tripod and target, focus with live view (AFon only, disable shutter focus) then when in af fine tune, adjust the settings till you get focus confirmation. for the full description of this technique see dot tune. http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1187638 Usually you have 10 days to evaluate the camera with a refund/exchange possibility.
  13. Recuperation times really depends on what is done to your shoulder. Figure a minimum of 6 weeks to allow healing of incisions and suture points. Good physical therapy will help range of motion return sooner after surgery. The big problem is unexpected strain on the incisions and suture points before they heal. Second problem is theoretical decompression alterations in tissue ongassing and offgassing that could increase the risk of DCS. I dove 6 weeks after my shoulder surgery on a liveaboard without any problems (the shoulder was still a bit limited in mobility, but no increase in pain) Best shoulder surgeon is Andrews in Alabama. Good luck.
  14. It would be nice to have a lightweight d800e with lenses that is waterproof to 10ATA without a housing. One day......soon???? Tired of 45 pound carryons.
  15. On trip through Hong Kong to Komodo, I have my V2 with me and am looking for a nauticam V2 housing to buy in Hong Kong. Any suggestions as to where to get one?
  16. Yes you can get closer, but have to watch your depth changes carefully as either oxygen or diluent is added to adjust the concentration of oxygen in the counterlung, this can result in changes of bouyancy that have to be compensated for by losing air from the loop on ascent and adding gas to the loop on decent. I agree that it should be good for "static" subjects and challenging for more mobile ones. Reliable oxygen analyizers and CO2 monitors are needed to make this safer. It is fairly safe as long as you are obsessive and compulsive about setup and use, but malfunctions do and can occur. When in doubt....bail out.
  17. You may want to look at this: http://www.stealth-gear.com/products/photography-clothing/extreme-range/urban/extreme-photographers-jacketvest.html
  18. As long as you are there, why not got to Tonga and swim with the humpbacks?
  19. Elmer the sigma 15 works fine in a 6" dome, you will need the 9" or larger dome for the 16-35
  20. Rangiroa is great...used topdive with no issues. Lots of current in the passes.
  21. I stayed at Siladen island (in the Bunaken park) last year and it was great, good guides, great service, nice hotel, food good.
  22. You got it right! If you are warming (causes vasodilitation) at depth you will on gas more and if cool (causes vasoconstriction)at deco you offgas less. The other post when he switches it off at depth and on at deco will work, but there are no corrections built into deco algorithms for this in todays tables or computers.
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