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  1. Hi, yes it still for sale!
  2. Hi Yes, it is still for sale! :-)
  3. I have tow option for shipping to US: Economy (11 - 15 day's) CHF 44.- Priority (4 - 8 day's) CHF 53.-
  4. Hello I sale a Aquatica Aqua View 45 viewfinder. It’s used but in a good condition. More Photos http://www.ingma.ch/verkaufe-aquatica-sucher-aqua-view-45/ I ask CHF 800.00 / € 725.00 excl. shipping.
  5. I sell my underwater photo equipment without objective and flash. It is in a good condition but used. This item include: - Aquatica Underwater Housing for Canon 5D Mark II - Canon EOS 5D Mark II Body with ca. 34200 shutter triggering - Aquatica Viewfinder AQUA VIEW 45 Degree - Aquatica viewfinder Standard - Flash-Arm-Set for different configuration - Aquatica Dom Port 8 - Aquatica Low Profile Macro Port - Extension-, Zoom- und Focus-Ringe for Objective EF 24-105mm f/4L USM, Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 with Macro und Canon EF 16-35 mm f/2.8 L II USM More details und photos about the items find you on my website. http://www.ingma.ch/verkaufe-uw-gehaeuse-und-kamera-canon-eos-5d-mark-ii/ I ask for all together CHF 3500.00 / 3300.00 excl. shipping
  6. Hallo The Swiss free diver Peter Colat has done a new Guinnessbookrecord in distance diving under ice with fins. He do this record on Weissensee in Austria. A camera team from Swiss National Television has him accompanied. Ahead a few days is this story broadcasted on air. Now is it on the video portal. The TV report is in german and swiss german language. But I think some people her in this forum understand germen language. Her the web link to the video portal:http://www.srf.ch/player/tv/winter-challenge/video/winter-challenge-vom-12-03-2013?id=f18bd187-519c-4262-a589-c74ef1d56df5 I’m proud that I was a member of this camera team. I made the underwater shots. I hope some of you enjoy this video.
  7. The housing is still for sale. Is anybody interested? Make me an offer. I can send pictures for interested persons. For good offer, I sale the SONY HDR-FX1E together with the housing.
  8. Hi Red Sea Pictures No, Sorry Anybody interest at the Housing? Make me a seriously offer.
  9. I sold my Amphibico PHENOM FXZ1 Housing. It’s in a good condition. The housing come with an ultra 94° wide-angle lens. An internal Graduating ND flip filter and an empty flip for another filter. Also is a three pin bulkhead connector installed for video output. Additional is an Explorer Case for transportation the housing including. I think around CHF 3’250 for this set or when you interest pleas make me a seriously offer.
  10. The combination of TillyTec TT1 canister with LiFe battery and the flood beam lamp head LED 2000 Video is very good for underwater videography. Lamp head and TT1 canister are in a good used condition. The battery is also in a good condition. The LED 2000 head burns 50 minutes by full light power. One set comprised: - 1x TillyTec Lamp Head LED2000 Video - 1x TillyTec TT1 LiFe rechargeable battery canister - 1x Torch Handle - 1x Protection Cap - 1x Battery Charger with Cabel - 1x Charger-Plug - 1x TillyTec bag - 1x User Manual New Price about CHF 800.00 / € 800.00 Asking Price: One Set CHF 635.00 / € 540.00 exclusive shipping costs Both Sets together CHF 1200.00 / € 1020.00 exclusive shipping costs More information and Photos on my webpage: http://www.ingma.ch/verkaufe/verkaufe-2-se...lampenkopf.html
  11. Thanks for yours compliments. I'm be glad that theirs enjoy my little video. I shot this only with ambient light. But I made in the post-production a separately white balance adjustment. Regards from Switzerland Markus
  12. Hi Here a link to a Scuba diving video that I made with the HD Hero2 in a Swiss mountain brook. The brook is called Verzasca and is in the south part of Switzerland. http://www.ingma.ch/schweizer-gewaesser/vi...r-verzasca.html
  13. Hi Simon Thanks for this information! I will do this on next time when I go diving with my 5D MII. Regards Markus
  14. Hi Mcliffy2 Sorry, I don't tried any ISO settings or compared. What I read and understand is as higher the ISO as higher the noise on the picture. But I don't really sure and it's possible what you say. When I take movies with my 5D MII then I do following. I take a shutter that is multiple of 1/25. (1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/125,…) This comes from the frame rate of the video. I use 25 fps for my videos. I read that is better for the flow of the video and its looks not jerking. I will use an aperture around of 8. Now I look what ISO setting give me a good exposed picture. During the dive I adjust it in a defined range with the aperture. That's my approach for find my setting for DSLR video. It's possible that's give a better or correct procedure for find the right setting. Regards Markus
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