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  1. and this image I am absolutely in love with.
  2. Amazing dive last sunday! we had 45+ feet of vis. Here in Washington that is pretty rare! http://youtu.be/U8mtvceb0V8
  3. I was looking at getting the 5d mk iii, until I discovered it lacks an on camera flash. I'm personally too in love with F/o sync. So if nauticam will make an option for F/O this is exactly what I need!!
  4. I really like the 1st shot. You have a great compositional eye! The 2nd shot would probably be equally as awesome if it wasn't in comparison to the legendary 1st photo.
  5. WOW! That spring has amazing structures! Great footage and editing!
  6. Amazing photos on here! I just spent the last 8 months on Oahu. I spent more then half of that time trying to get sunset wave photos using dive strobes, then cheep speedlights, and then hotlights. Mostly ending in frustration, but a few good shots came out. And underwater I think my favorite was one I did for my first commercial photo shoot. It is simple, but clean. I definitely wish I was still Hawaii. But we will see what kind of adventures Seattle brings!
  7. AMAZING! I can't figure out which one I like better
  8. I find this an easy solution for future competitions. 1) Host two different categories. 1) Only basic editing such as Wb.... and a photoshop free category. If you are hosting an art competition, then let the artist create art.
  9. I agree with Ferg42. With the 5d you should be good with the auto white balance. You can also set your WB to whatever Kelvin the lights produce. I would say since you are relying on light produced from the lights, and not what is being filtered through the water depths, you do not need a magic filter. A tripod is a must!
  10. I don't mind the color change. The underwater world is alien, and it's ok for the subjects ( especially jellyfish) to look alien. My biggest critique is that it's not tack sharp. But it is a great image!
  11. I bought sliding glass door curtains. I think they measured 5'x9' and came in packs of two or three. I had them professionally sown, and then hand glued, weights to them so they would not float or be pushed around by the pool jets. Total cost was around $35. I never encountered a problem with the fabric loosing color or bleeding. But I was also in a saline pool. There are a lot of different options you can use. Pool liners and plastic liners, fabrics, plexiglass, all will give you a different look to your image and should be experimented with.
  12. Since I had purchased the vacuum sealer, I decided to try it out. I was actually able to shut of the vacuume right before the buttons would compress. Sealed up the bag looked like it would hold and do the trick. In the water was a different story! Strobe test "week 9": Ended in TWO flooded Yn-speedlights. Good thing they are only 60 bucks. I learned the hard way that the foodsaver vacuume sealed bags are not a good waterproof option, only weather proof. I'm not really sure what caused the leak in the vacuum sealed bag. I'm thinking either high speed debris from the reef or stress on the sealed area of the bag. It didn't leak yesterday, but I wasn't as deep in the waves, and the bag was reinforced with gorilla tape. I'm not really sure what direction I should go: Housing the speedlights, They seem to be more reliable slaving on the flash. Dive strobe, Been having a very hard time slaving the strobes reliably. I think they fire about 45% of the time. Usually when I'm not in the water.
  13. ARRGH! Your probably right! I should have been smart enough to figure that out BEFORE I spent the $120 on the vac sealer! I think with some foam padding, and some JB weld, I can convert a larger otter box into a housing.
  14. Rtrski: Interesting, Havn't thought about that. One thing that worries me is that while I don't have depth to worry about, I do have the pounding surf. The latches on some of those bags make me wonder. I wonder if a vacuum sealer would work. Suppose to be a stong PVC type plastic?
  15. Thanks for the link. The article says that sync cords wouldn't work. luckily for me my YN speedlight is super sensitive, and can slave without wires to my on camera flash. But finding or building a housing for it is proving difficult. Most of the local surf housing guys want $700-800 USD for a flash housing. I bought the flash on Amazon for $60, and would like a cheaper option. Until I can figure out a housing for the speedlights I think I am going to stick with my fiber optic cable. It's cheap enough to replace on every shoot if I have too.
  16. I like these, and I like the concept of turning a photograph into an artistic rendition. I was playing around with the Idea on Photoshop a while back with my wave photography. I think you did a much better job then I did. These can definitely be hung on a wall anywhere!
  17. Thanks! I actually haven't attached strobe arms to the housing yet ( it's gel-coated and I'm not sure what to use to attache the arm ball). So far I have only been hand holding the strobe. This is probably something I should look into. Visualizing it, it would seem to reduce the stress and movement of the cord immensely.
  18. I've been trying to slave off my Sea&Sea ys-2 through my surf housing. I've used various FO cables, ranging from $75 sea&sea L links to $3 maglight extenders. The sea and sea strobe seems to fire unpredictably at best. Yesterday, I got hit by one wave and the strobe wasn't syncing. After inspection I noticed the FO filament broke near the strobe plug. It makes me wonder how suitable FO cable is. I really like the results and would like to continue in this direction. Is F/o a viable option for these type of images? I heard INON are more sensitive to light. You think I can go wireless? I've noticed my yn-580 speedlight (same body as canon 580) will fire without wires. But finding a housing to fit it is proving almost impossible.
  19. Camera- 40d strobe- ys-02 sync cord. L series from optical ocean, and mag light fiber optic from amazon. Worked last night, Today I switch camera from assist beam on to off, and worked on a better mounting option for my water housing. After everything finished curing, The strobe fails to slave. The strobe turns on, Will slave with camera flash outside of housing. Both sync cords still allow light to travel all the way to the "output plug" . After putting the camera back to its old settings and testing both settings on the flash, I still can't get it to fire. anyone have a trouble shooting guide they can link to?
  20. I have the YN-560 speed light I purchased on amazon for 60$ I've been trying to sync dive strobes via F/O slave. I discovered today that the YN will sync with my camera flash inside the housing without wires. This is very useful. Cables tend to tangle when I get tumbled by the waves. Anyone know of any cheap housings, or have any ideas? * The Yn-560 body is Identical to the canon 580ex
  21. Thanks, I'm hoping that the dive strobes will give me more options as far as syncing multiple strobes together in the future.
  22. Been attempting to rig up some dive strobes to my surf housing, using fiber optic sync. Wasn't sure what would happen. But I'm pretty pleased so far, Test # 3 The result was good enough for me to modify the housing with a more reliable set up other then foam and gorilla tape.
  23. Love the last one. I'm guessing solid images like these publish pretty well?
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