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  1. Hi all, I'm no pro, but I am interested in Sharks so i'd appreciate your thoughts. There are some distinctive black tips on the lower Caudal fins that seem to run up the edge of the upper caudal fin. There are also some on the underside of the pectorals fins and on the anal fins. These are consistent with the Black-tip shark (not to be mistaken for the Black-tip reef shark). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Carcharh...mbatus_nmfs.jpg The black markings of the shark that I've linked (above) do vary a bit (e.g this pic has no black on anal fins but other pics I've seen do), but the shape of the body, overall size, colour, fin positions and shape, all fit. Even so, I am only 95% sure. The Silky and the Whaler are a pretty good match for these, but they lack the specific markings that these sharks have. I think the Black-Tip, however, matches the specs quite nicely.. Let me know what you think. Tim
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