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  1. Hello All, Me and the Wife are headed to Moorea in a couple of weeks. Does anybody have any experience with the whale diving operations? Which one would be the best for an experienced freediving photographer? Also where would the best spots for freediving/snorkeling be? We are staying at the Intercontinental. I have stumbled across some older post on the web saying the better diving is at the hilton. We are for sure going to try there. Thanks in advance for any advice! B
  2. more water would have to enter the housing the deeper you go in order to change the light. i mainly rely on my green light indicator before getting into the water. i think it is helpful before each dive. a port or something could have broken a seal between dive spots. the green light being on reassures a seal hasnt been broken
  3. i would think the o-rings are designed for negative pressure inside the housing. when diving the pressure inside the housing should decrease thus acting like a vaccum. i opted for the vacuum system on my new housing to reasure i dont have any major leaks from the port and other potential leak sights to prevent a major flood. im thinking a positive pressure system would be really complicated and the pressure would equalize at some depth point.
  4. will for sure be gettting the f4 version. i ended up ordering the sea and sea 10 inch dome. might order the zen down the line. price was the main reason i went with the sea and sea. ill try and post some pics when i get out to dive. might be a couple weeks. ill be using the 8-15mm for a month or so until i purchase the 16-35 f4. thanks for all the info
  5. thank you for the reply. you answered my biggest question!! the f4 or f2.8. it is exactly the answer i want to hear. im most likely going with the zen dome. sound a bunch of threads about acrylic vs glass. not sure why i hadnt thought about search for that until now. lol thanks again
  6. im getting ready to house my 5D3 with a Nauticam housing. i have the canon 8-15mm and plan on buying a 16-35. most likely the f4 version. Is there a reason you would purchase the f2.8 over the f4 besides the larger aperature? Also whish dome port would give me the sharpest image, ZEN 9 inch glass or the Sea and Sea 10 inch acrylic? is there another port that yall would suggest? thanks in advance Brian
  7. since the 5ds/r has a crop mode of 1.3 (30+ MP) and 1.6 (20+ MP) and a pixel density the same as the 7D II it seems like filling the frame would be easier because a single macro lens could become 3 lenses. same goes for a wide prime lens. a canon 8-15 would give all kinds of options for filling the frame. it seems like one housing with 2 cameras, 5dIII and 5DS, would give you several options to chose from as long as the bodies are the same. im in the process of selling my 7D, lenses and housing so i can buy a housing for a 5dIII and the 5DS as long as it fits. Since the pixel density stays the same would the diffraction differ at differnet crops? which WA and macro lens would yall want?
  8. thanks for the input. im going to order the first picture 20x30 next week. i cant wait to see it plexiglass mounted
  9. i have been wanting to print a photo with the plexiglass mount process. i have only seen a few photos printed on them in an art gallery. they were pretty amazing. i realize the photos i saw were shot by professionals and a lot the amazingness is because of the picture so im not looking for my picture to look as good as the ones i saw. i just liked the way it gave the photo more depth. here are the two photos im trying to choose between. they would be anywhere from 16x24 to 24x36 in size. i would like yalls opinion on which one would look better. any advice on processing the pics differently would be appreciated also. i use lightroom 3. i have photoshop 5 but do not use it much at all. im pretty lost when i do use it. haha. thanks
  10. three of my favorites from 2011. it was hard to pick just one. i just picked from underwater pics. no land based ones. this is my first attempt at posting a pic on here.
  11. that is what i was thinking. thanks for helping out.
  12. the rules All photographs must accurately reflect the subject matter as it appeared in the viewfinder. Nothing should be added to an image, and aside from dust spots and in camera digital spots, nothing should be taken away. Normal processing of RAW image files and minor adjustments to color and contrast are acceptable, as is minimal cropping
  13. im thinking about entering some photos in the natures best photography contest. this would be my first contest. 1)does anyone know if it is ok to eliminate backscatter in photos for the winland rice competition? 2)when cropping, would it be ok to change a picture from landscape to portrait orientation? thanks for the help brian
  14. yeah it is! thanks for the comments. the diver that is coming toward the camera is me. haha. i handed the camera to my friend to take a couple pics of me and then i just started swimming toward the camera. it happens to be my favorite one also. thanks for the tip on the sun ball. i did have that fish in the frame on pic 685. i was trying to parrellel the big fish with the bottom. i uploaded a pic with the small fish not cropped out. thanks brian
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