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  1. Thanks, your pixs are great! Equinox said they were coming out with a housing for it in September. How do you decide on what strobe to buy? There seems to be alot to choose from.
  2. Been to Bonair 3-4 times, loved it everytime. Last time was5 years ago and the shallows were trashed from a rogue wave. This was sad as they had spectacular soft coral shallows. Still enjoyed dives below 30 feet. Stayed at Carib Inn. Only 8 people on dive boat, walf just 50 yds to dock, 5 min boat trip. They do not control your bottom time. Just stay safe and get back to the boat with 500 psi. Little Cayman was WONDERFUL. Great wall and few divers. Even better was Saba. Little hard to get there but some of the best diving I ever did. The reefs had little damage, lots of fish, and even fewer divers. Was there 11 years ago. ALl the places listed are places we enjoyed because we go to dive, not shop, lay on the beach.
  3. Am looking to switch to digital camera for underwater. I have been using a Sea & Sea Motor Marine II with a strobe, wide angel lens and view finder. I dive once a year and am tired of my SLOW learning curve. I have heard good things regarding the C-5060 but am actually looking at the bigger camera C-8080. I also want to use this camera on land for kids, scenery, and sporting events. I currently have an Olympus C-730 and it is too much like a point and shoot. I want one with more options and control on land that will also do well underwater. Could you also recomend a strobe/housing for it. thanks
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