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  1. so if something swims up to the camera and the swims away it would only be in focus at the point when the video started?
  2. Hi we have been researching cameras and cases for a bit now, and we have been currently using a lumix fx35 for a cheap camera its been pretty good, but we want to upgrade to a dslr to get better stills thing is we shoot videos and photos, and we were hoping that our new camera would continue to allow us to use one device for both functions so we have been looking at the canon 500d with a sea and sea housing but reading more about the camera it says you have to pretty much manually focus during movie mode, I also noticed that in any demos of the video from that camera, I have seen the camera is holding still we do most of our video while freediving, and take video of freedivers, pelagic fish, sharks etc. Often both the subject and the shooter are both moving. It doesn't seem that manually focusing would be an option while moving around so much. I mean what could you do , try to manually manually focus, in between equalizations on the way down? all we are looking for is a dslr that can also match the video of our cheap fx35, is it pretty much a given that a dslr will not be able to refocus once it is recording a movie?
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