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  1. Hi, great shots! which ISO-settings, exposure-settings, aperture etc. did you use? I guess you had high ISO and wideangle (fisheye?) to get such good quality in murky water with bad wiz? Even
  2. AFAIK, the only option for now to mount a 8mm Fisheye lens in this housing is by using the Athena system: http://www.athena-opt.com/E-PL1_chart04_for%20Olympus.pdf Do any of you have experience with this system? Is there any place in europe or US to buy this system? Is there other options? Probably an original domeport for a coming m43 8mm fisheye will come next year, but its to long to wait.. Regards, Even
  3. For your information; stockfish http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockfish is an old tradition of conserving fish, and this might also well have been a case for this shark (catching of porbeagle sharks are redlistet now afaik, but this specimen might be old; dried fish-remnants lasts very long) Even
  4. Hello, thanks for answers! The reason I ask is because this site http://www.digideep.com/english/digital/ph...OS-550D/7/4027/ claims that the 550 has no function for underwater white balance, while the Canon 7D has. I wonder where digideep has got this info from? regards, Even
  5. hi, Can any of you confirm this, or is this dependable on the UW-housing to this camera? I know that it can be adjustet UW on the Canon 7d Any experiance with this? regards, Even
  6. Hi! Great forum! How is the video capabilities of this camera in dark. low light conditions? Does the AF (which I hear is very good) catch up, or is it simply better to use manual AF, or shut the AF off? I am asking cause I realy consider to buy this system, but I must admit I am not sure wether Its better to just buy a dSLR for the same price (NIKON D500, Canon 550, Pentax K.X (lacking house though..)) My primary consern is shooting video with m43 in the dark, cold waters og Norway. Should I rather buy a dSLR?? I am new to UW-photo/video, so Id be very glad for any advice! All best. Even
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