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  1. Starbuck,


    Looking at your shots it is easy to see that the 60mm one are sharper than the 18-70 one and I wonder if the fact that you are using a diopter is reducing the sharpness.


    I have used my 18-70 in a Sea&Sea housing (D70) with a flat port, and the images appear sharp to me. http://www.angelfire.com/trek/redang/2004/page2.html


    However I have always preferred using the 60mm lens even on my film cameras as it is the most versatile :(

  2. No Probs Leslie,


    I will check through my scanned slides and see what is reasonable to convert to jpg and send to you.


    As I mentioned I will be in Jeddah later this month so I can photograph the same pinnacle along with the dead area.


    It is difficult to photograph anything in the Arabian gulf off Dubai as the continual dredging has reduced viz to around 1 meter.


    What really upsets me is that is was forbidden to dive the Jebel Ali reef and then some barstewards build a man made island resort in the middle of it :x

  3. I attended a meeting of the Emirates Diving Association last Wednesday http://www.emiratesdiving.com/ where a speaker from Al Nakheel gave a lecture on Sustainable Coastal Management with relationship to some of their projects, which in case none of you are aware includ several man-made islands off the coast of Dubai UAE and is basically responsible for the current 1 meter viz that we have here http://www.theemiratesnetwork.com/business...alm_islands.htm


    The fact that the second Palm Island project is built on a marine reserve appears to be of no consequence and most likely the population of dugongs on Jebel Ali Reef is not going to be taken into consideration over the extensive amount of money that will be made from selling property on these islands.


    Seven years ago just before I left Jeddah, there was a lot of reclamation in the lagoons on the North Obhur beaches with the lagoons being filled and concrete jetties constructed to allow limited people access to the reef from which they would fish, through garbage such as unwanted CDs etc.


    I used to dive from a private beach there (Blue Beach) and I took photographs underwater where a bulldozer was operating inside the lagoon destroying our visibility.


    The purpose was to record the pinnacle that stood out from the reef edge rising from 18M to 6M below the surface, before it disappeared forever.


    I can happily say that when I dived in Jeddah last June, the pinnacle still stands and is very much alive.


    However, the reef edge and slope down to 30M is completely devastated with only a hint of some corals beginning to populate the gray mass of dead corals reminiscent of a Soviet housing area.


    Unfortunately money overules everything.

  4. Blame the instructors not the people, they weren't eductaed well enough in my point of view, if they were told about the damage they can do then they may not do it ... ?


    thats been my opinion for a long time, but unfortunately diving has become about money, and so it's through put of customers not quality of output, BUT there are some damn good divers out there, and some damn good instructors. so keep up the good work ... :)


    Absolutely, I have met divers who because they have done two back to back courses are now advanced divers even though they have only done 9 dives, and consider themselves superior over others who are still basic open water divers even though they may have done many more dives.


    It is all about money in several places there is no doubt about it, and while I think its great to get kids in a pool with scuba gear etc there should be more emphasis on environmental issues and proper buoancy control. My daughter recently became a junior Open Water diver, to be honest I would not have passed her, the buoancy control test was a complete farce, (I witnessed it - and she will not be returnng to that dive establishment for future courses) which is why I took her to a nice easy place to dive in Malaysia where she quickly learned (the way I was taught) what to do.


    And as for photographers in the survey - what credentials made a diver a photographer? My guess it was just any diver carrying a camera from a Fuji / Kodak disposable job to ... well what most of us on the forum use


    I'll get off my soap box now before I really get carried away

  5. I cannot access the linked article, however I would guess they are including those who go down with disposable cameras and the like and basically not interested much more than taking a few snaps.


    What about new divers and those who only dive a couple of times a year on their annual vacation. From what I have seen they basically have very little buoancy control and frequently damage corals etc with bad finning.

  6. Hello Fellow Divers!



    but with 40 foot viz and plankton like pea soup wide angle was not too good.  


    Michael and Keri Palasz


    40 foot, I am lucky to have 5 meters (approx just over 15 feet for the metrically challenged) on the east coast of UAE and 1 meter locally off Dubai.


    The whale shark shots are excellent all the same, it's about time I made the effort to get to the right place at the right time ... one day :)

  7. Strange that you are experiencing this on Wide Angle, personally it is the only time I do use auto focus.


    I still have to get a focus ring for my 60mm and its driving me nuts trying to photograph stuff in poor viz.


    You may want to check what you have set your autofocus to work ... I do not have my D100 manual handy but you may need to adjust your settings

  8. Finishing off my Nitrox course today and dived the Zainab, an Iraqi oil tanker that was scuttled three years ago.


    Viz was the usual 2-3 metres as expected and I took the D70 down with the 60mm macro


    Lots of blennies but as I do not have my manual focus ring yet the autofocus drove me crazy so had to satisfy myself with this Chromodoris annulata, one of two I found.


    f32, with YS120 on half power + diffuser

  9. Hi Larry,


    I think if you posted the lobster pic in colour along with the black and white one the colour one would probably get the best vote.


    Personally I think B&W should be more for wide angle than macro, as it can enhance the feeling of the picture.


    The composition of both the black and white shots are excellent though

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