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  1. Black and white is a matter of personal taste, for Macro I still prefer colour. I have seen some good black and white stuff underwater but I think the subject matter has to be considered after all it's the colours that make certain underwater subjects stand out (IMHO) Anyone selling a housing for a Horseman L 10x8 and a copy of Ansell Adams book on underwater landscapes
  2. Some real interesting creatures you have there. I used to dive in the Creek just north of Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) as I lived next to a marina there from 92-97, marvellous place for juvenile forms and invertebrates. Your shots have inspired me to find something on my doorstep again
  3. Hi my name is Gordon, I only ever used TTL once (F801, 60mm Micro, Aquatica housing with SB103 strobe). My mentor Kevin Metcalfe hit me over the fingers with a fin and I never did it again :shock: All my film shots were done on manual controls with exception of the focus on WA. My first digital shots using auto everything except the strobe were lousy and the Sea&Sea D70 housing does not support TTL, however as soon as I switched to manual aperture and shutter speed I gained at least 90% control over what I was doing, all I need now is manual focus
  4. The RS was essentially a waterproofed F801 (N80 in the US?) The D100 and D70 are near enough the same size, (I did look at modifying my Aquatica housing for the F801 :? ). To be honest it would probably work out chaper to buy a ready made housing for whatever you plan to use, but if you have time and money to hand (you are not going to be diving during these hurricanes) go for it, it's an interesting project.
  5. Hi Christian, Thanks for the link, infact the one below it has a link to Bill Gladstone, who I managed to find through a Google search, and this also lead me to Karen. Unfortunately I have sadly discovered on Bill Rudman's Sea Slug Forum that Jurgan passed away sometime in 2002, a great loss as he was a damn good underwater photographer and I learned a lot from him and others through our monthly slide shows in Jeddah from 95-97. I still need to locate Kevin & Tuula, Simon and Diane, any help would be most appreciated.
  6. I am rather new to this forum, however I was wondering if any of the other members might know of the following people. Reason I ask is that my home PC crashed last year and I lost all my personal e-mail contacts and had to change my local e-mail address due to rather a lot of spam that swmped it in less than 5 days :evil: Long story short, these are guys I used to dive with back in Saudi up to 1997 and a few times after that, all were pretty much involved in underwater photography. Kevin and Tuula Metcalfe - last heard of in Jeddah, KSA Simon Hacket - last heard of in Australia Jurgan and Dagmar Kuchinke - last heard of in Berlin Diane Beveridge - last heard of in Vancouver Karen Reilly (née Love) - last heard of in Brisbane Bill Gladstone - last heard of in Newcastle, Australia Any help in getting me back in touch with these people would be greatly appreciated
  7. Magic shots Joe, really enjoyed these galleries
  8. Looking for any information from anyone who has dived here recently. I was there for a week in Feb 1998 and it had a very good house reef, but that was over six yrs ago and things may have changed. The resort there is Japanese run, and I was one of the few round eyes there also at that time I worked for a Japanese company making my six days there very pleasant :wink: Unfortunately it is not a cheap place to stay and before I book and part with my hard earned cash, I need to verify that it is still as good as it was back in 98. Thanks in advance
  9. Interesting reading, I remember when I travelled from Jeddah to Manado in 1996 with 32 Kg of hand luggage :shock: It really is getting tougher and I was interested in the use of Rubbermaid Action Packers as I use one for my local dives here in UAE and Oman as it prevents my vehicle gettting wet from the dive gear after a dive (the housings have their own towels and seat belts) - Lesson learnt from Jeddah when I rusted through the bottom of my Pajero :roll: Normally I use a normal suitcase (Carlton or Samsonite) for my dive gear and clothes with the housing going in there too. Cameras + lenses+ additional stuff in a Lowe-Pro rucksack - cabin baggage Strobes+ dive computer and additional stuff in a UK yellow case - cabin baggage I never use a dive bag with any advertising on it as it basically states this is full of dive gear - steal me Additionally I have found that British Airways, Emirates and Singapore Airlines have been very generous to me with baggage allowance if I call them beforehand as there is an additional 10Kg allowance for sport equipment.
  10. There is an article in Sport Diving Magazine (Aug/Sep issue) by a Kelvin Aitken Quote I strongly advise divers do not seek out crocodiles as a dive experience, do not attempt to dive with them, do not enter or remain in the water with a crocodile in the vicinity - and always treat them with the caution and respect that they deserve [/i]
  11. I dived Tulamben a few years ago and the black volcanic sand made for an interesting background shooting some nudibranchs. Easy shore diving from Paradise especially since I was using film at the time. Sulawesi is fantastic too, although I have not managed to get to Lembeh straits yet! My recommendation though would be to go to Sipadan - Borneo Divers are perhaps the most proffesional outfit there and as mentioned the island will be resort free by the end of this year. Fortunately when I dived there just over 12 years ago (only a week after my daughter was born :shock: ) there were only two dive resorts on the island.
  12. Hi Karl, Glad you enjoyed the site, been a long time since I did much work on it except for the recent trip to Malaysia. I was shooting on AF-S For me the eyes have to be in focus to make a decent shot. Due to the digitally increased focal length of the 60mm -> 90mm I suspect the autofocus was almost acting like a 105mm on auto which is next to impossible :x The first time I used a 105 on my F801 (Aquatica Housing) it drove me nuts. Some other friends at the same time had similar experiences with same camera and lens in Subal housings. All I need is some more opportunites to get back under water. Planning a trip to the east coast of UAE in a couple of weeks to a site that has lots of nudibranchs + I will be in Oman in the second week of September so planning a couple of dives at the Damniyat Islands Glad I found this site, lots of interesting and helpful posts to read
  13. Thanks Karl, First time shooting digital underwater so I did shoot a lot of cr@p at first until I got the lighting sorted out. Some more pics on my website which I believe you can access from the button below (www). I prefer to shoot macro with manual focus but still waiting for a focus ring for my 60 micro What a joy to have more than 36(-38) exposures on a dive
  14. First time using a digital camera underwater recently on a trip to Pulau Redang in Malaysia. I managed to lose my 12 yr old daughter onshore for a couple of dives so I could concentrate more on smaller subject matter. D70 in Sea&Sea housing with YS120 strobe on half power with diffuser, f32 @ 1/60
  15. Stunning shots, it can be quite frustrating to photograph these coral blennies and gobies as they tend to jump around a lot. Your shots show good patience with the subjects.
  16. Stunning shots. Are you using autofocus or manual focus with the 60mm?
  17. I have just recently entered the realm of digital underwater photography and own a YS120, YS50 and an Ikelite MS50 used with my other film camera housings. I recently bought a D70 and Sea&Sea housing. I too have been looking at the YS90DX as it has more control over light output. On my recent dive trip I used the YS120 on half power with the diffusser but still found many shots overexposed. For Macro I used to always have the strobe positioned a palmwidth above the port, but I find this is too close with the YS120 on the above settings so have been experimenting to use it in a higher position. Incidentally coverage of the 120 is 105x105 and the 90 is 105x95
  18. Hi all, After a two and half year absence of diving I returned to the sea again as my 12 yr old daughter completed her Junior Open Water. Also realising that my F3 adn F801 in their respective housing would soon become obselete I recently updated to a D70 in a Sea&Sea housing. Now I need to make time for my diving as much as my other major hobby (4x4 dune driving) despite a busy schedule which includes frequent flying. Looking forward to useful tips to help me on digital photos Cheers
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