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  1. Thanks wetpixel, sold
  2. Total complete set Nauticam RX 100 mk 3 and Inon S2000 set for sale. 1. Sony RX 100 MK3 with two batteries and a leather carrying case. Please note that the camera has a small amount of damage, but this does not affect the operation of the camera. 2. Nauticam tray and handle and two handles. Two optical cables from Nauticam. 3. And a new Nauticam M16 Vacuum Valve II Pushbutton Release 4. Inon flash S2000 with diffuser. 5. All tools supplied by Nauticam with purchase About 20 dives have been made with this set. Price 950 euros. Everything is purchased in the Netherlands, at Onderwaterhuis.
  3. I also use two Inon cables and have eneloop batteries so no problems there. I had a Nikon 105 flash and never had any problems after that a Sea&Sea 110 also no problems then i bought a Inon Z240 never got it right and now a Inon S2000. Its seems me and Inon a unhappy marriage.
  4. About the Inon S2000 its compact en easy to travel with but i also have strange behaviour from this strobe. i have a Sony RX 100 with the magnet in and sometimes i have good exposures and then some photos are not correctly exposed. So i am also clueless why does this happen. Is here a simple way to test if a strobe works correctly?
  5. Thanks DRP. Internet is nice way to find information but it also confuses us. Many opinions about magnets in or out with Inon flashes. So please more input because I know some say keep the magnet in. I have bad results with magnet in. I am an amateur so very limited in knowledge I confess. So I would benefit of owner of the same camera and flash share their experiences with me. Or are Sea & Sea flashes easier to use???
  6. I have a simple question Sttl with Inon S 2000 with Sony RX 100 mk 3 magnet in or out? And totally manual magnet in or out? Thanks
  7. It was a new model and its already sold. :) Thanks wetpixel
  8. Hello Tom, Bought it in summer of 2018 so it schould be updated but i will check with my dive store. Thanks
  9. Suunto Transmitter for all i computers never used so new in box. With the Suunto wireless transmitter you can check tank pressure and air consumption data at the same time as you view depth and time and all that on your wrist. The transmitter also makes it possible to display an estimate of the remaining air time during a dive on a suitable dive computer. Real-time air consumption is also stored in the memory of the dive computer, so that you can later analyze your air consumption from dive to dive. The pressure measurements from the transmitter are shown numerically and graphically on the display of your dive computer. The transmitter is powered by a user-replaceable 3V lithium AA battery. During a battery change, the O-ring and cover must also be replaced, these are supplied by Suunto in the replacement battery kits. Battery life is approximately 2 years (with 100 dives per year). Including postage in Europe 155 Euros
  10. When i was younger i read American magazine Skindiver. And te reviews of the resorts and diving was always perfect. So we booked trips based on skindiver magazine. Perfect photos of the underwaterworld. But sadly not reliable it was more make believe. We booked a trip to St Lucia, and its was a expensive trip and we dove only two times there because it was very disappointing for us. So please tell the truth and show whats goning on in the world. People make choices based on the photos they see. And the more people go to this polluted areas the less will happen there. So help each other by telling the truth so other divers can make the right choices. On one our trips we met a travel writer and we saw how this writers are pamperd by the expensive resorts, so we knew from then on its mostly make believe those stories. Sadly. But you can help other divers just to tell and show te truth. Please do.
  11. Good afternoon, We are going to Tenerife in March 2019 and want to make a few dives. Preferably with a small diving school with personal attention and preferably with a normal boat and no rib. Have no problem with extra costs for more luxury. We stay in Costa Adeje. So all tips are welcome?
  12. INON UWL-H100 28M67 TYPE2 (WIDE ANGLE) AND INON Lens Hood II For UWL-H100 28M67 with NEOPREEN CARRY POUCH FOR UWL-100 now for 290 euros. This lens is unused and purchased at www.onderwaterhuis.nl and comes with guarantee and receipt. Sending or shipping costs are for buyer. location the Netherlands.
  13. Lens is withdrawn from sale. i will keep it
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