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  1. How much for the single sync cord? How used is it? Mine just had a wire break. OOOPS! It appears you are in Australia. Nevermind......
  2. I am in real need of strobes. If you separate things, let me know.
  3. Pretty worn, for that price. I am looking for strobes to replace flooded one, but one of yours looks to have had a flooded sync cord.
  4. While I love Walindi, and can HIGHLY recommend it if you prefer shore living, I have spent a LOT of time on the FeBrina and think it is the best option. The guides on this boat are second to none and the diving is incredible. Whether diving Kimbe, the Fathers reefs, Rabaul or the south shore (depends on time of year) you will find wonderful diving. Kimbe and Fathers has great reefs with both big animal action and macro. The Witu Islands have really good muck sites and a volcanic crater diving, the south shore has great muck, as well as reefs. Whichever you choose, you will see some of the most pristine reefs found anywhere.
  5. I flooded a strobe and need one. Would you consider selling one? Preferably the 160.
  6. Pinks often have aberrant gill bars.
  7. I spent time in Triton Bay Pre Triton Bay Resort. It is AN AMAZING PLACE! Prior experience was a bit dicey with the local tribes, but it seems to be better, now. Amazing photographic opportunities and I really hope to go back.
  8. Looks like a tube anemone closed up for digestion?
  9. I spent time on the Damai trying to dive from West Papua to Timor. The weather didn't cooperate, so we dived Raja Ampat instead. The boat is magnificent and very well run. I always say the true test of the integrity of an organization is how they handle things gone badly. We had flights out of Timor, which we never could reach. The company quickly rebooked us out of Ambon and we headed to Raja Ampat. However, the weather wouldn't let us get to Ambon, either. So, the compnay rebooked us, again, out of Sorong. They never batted an eye, the rebookings were without a hitch and they never charged us for all the fees the rebookings incurred. That was pretty amazing service!! I would dive on the Damai, again, in a heartbeat! It may cost a bit more than some crowded liveaboards, but the small diver load, great crew and wonderful personal service make it a real bargain. BTW, my cabin had king sized beds, which came in really handy in those 15 foot seas!! I simply oriented sideways on the bed, and slept like a baby. This video was from one of the calm days! Wish I could be on this trip!!
  10. Look at the Saga mounts. They are wonderfully made! It's what I use
  11. The head of the strobe had several water drops visible through the lens. The modeling light still seemed to be functional, but not the strobe tube. I believe the battery was unaffected.
  12. OK, I flooded my 125 strobe and am looking to replace it with a 160 or 161. Tell me, is the video light on the 161 even usable, or is it mostly hype? Just want to know if it is worth the extra dollars. Anyway, if you have a 160 or 161 for sale, I am interested.
  13. I use zip ties on all my checked bags. The difference is I NEVER pull them tight!! Leave a loop so that if they need to get in, they can easily cut it. Otherwise they may need to cut the zipper pull.
  14. This is exactly what I do. I wrap the camera bag in my wetsuit, shorty and rash gaurds and put it inside those cheap hardshell rolling bags. I lock the camera bag with a TSA lock. Knocking on wood, I have not lost anything yet. Hope I didn't just jinx myself!!
  15. I love all those lovely blue eyes.......
  16. I used the nice one from Backscatter (macro mate mini) with not so good results. I found that it caused strong deforming all around the edges. I used one from Polar-Pro once before I sold it. The optics were quite poor.
  17. I still need a single lens dock, not a double. I also need a 12 inch Ike Mark II strobe arm section.
  18. Well, I went by the Saga booth at DEMA and I am now the poorer owner of one of their flip holders. They have incredibly nice, though expensive, equipment. I know I will be glad for the money spent......sigh.
  19. Folks, I am going to spend a month in the Philippines and STILL need this!! Nikon, the Saga is threaded for 67 mm and screws into the end of the port. I only need one lens flipped ot docked, the Subsea. I am hoping someone, out there, has one of these items laying around......
  20. What Trigger said. They will flop a bit above water, but be fine under. I had someone clean my arms, once, and they lubed the o-rings on the balls. ARRRGH!! They will, eventually, wear off and go back to grabby.
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