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  1. Thanks for the info! I guess it's a safe bet it's too late to replace the 103 with the 105 now.
  2. Thanks Panda! That's good stuff. I'm pretty sure with a little bit of DIY and modification it can be made to work with newer cameras sold today. I also should note that the housing also includes a Sunray lighting system.
  3. Hello all. I am obviously new here and honestly, not much into underwater videography or photography. I am however into videography and photography on land and am a student in Media Production at East Carolina University. As I'll soon be graduating, I'm hoping to trade in my Nikon D70 for the new Canon 7D. Being a full time college student and low on funds, purchasing a $2,000 camera can be hard to justify. My father has given me some of his old underwater gear to help me raise funds. He used to own a dive shop about 15 years ago, and at the time was big into underwater video and photography. In the past years, busy schedules have taken control and we have both gotten out of the diving hobby. The gear he has donated to me is a Light and Motion Stingray housing and a Nikonos SB-103 strobe. My question is, being these both were very high end products years ago, what are they worth these days? They both appear to be in very good condition. I'm sure the strobe can be used today with a DSLR or even point and shoot without a problem. The housing on the other hand was built for a Hi8 camcorder and obviously...those are a dying breed now. Is it possible the housing is still good for hand held camcorders being sold today? Is it possible it can be modified to work with the popular cameras being used? Any information regarding these two items would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Matt
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