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  1. Hello Brian, my name is René and I´m from Germany. So please excuse my bad english. I tried to sent you a PM, but it failed. So I try it here. I saw your pictures on flickr.com and used the link from there to here. Your pictures are brilliant. And for me it is extremely astonishing as I use the same basic equipment but with an external strobe and without the macro lenses. Because I´m not so familiar with handwork I ordered an adapter from a shop. So now I´m waiting for it. I suspect that it won´t be so accurate than yours, but I will give it a try. The reason I want to contact you ist, that I want to know how your pictures become so extraordinary sharp also in the details. Is it because of the macrolenses or because of your setting? I read above that you also use the autofocus. Is that correct? So what´s the secret? Because of the external strobe I have no problem with the exposure. But many of my pictures are blurred. I know in many cases it is the failure of me as the user. But sometimes I don´t know what I did wrong when I was almost not moving and took time for the focus. And later when I watch the photo it is ok on the first glance but not very sharp in the detail. The distance between me an the object is in average about half a metre, sometimes less sometimes more. Is it to much? Because my post is not really adequate to this topic I will stop here. I hope you can give me some advises. We can continue this conversation on email if you want. My adress is rene(dot)loeffler(at)gmx(dot)de And again: Highest respect for you photos without using a professional gear. I cannot stop watching them. Greetings René
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