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  1. Following the purchase of a new system camera, I am now selling a complete Panasonic LX3 set which is in excellent condition Camera includes: Panasonic DMC-LX3 (black) Complete with all original accessories High quality leather case DMW-CLX3E 3 spare batteries (1x genuine Panasonic, 1x Ansmann 1x Braun, which means there are 4 batteries in total) Underwater housing includes: 10bar underwater housing with three useful customisations Mechanism to prevent the case being opened inadvertently Plastic holder for the fibre optic cable New button to close flash Neoprene protective port cover O-rings and one set of replacements Silicone grease Strobe includes: Sea&Sea YS-110 Alpha strobe Sea&Sea strobe extension arm Fibre optic cable Silicone grease Battery charger Ansmann POWERline 4 traveller 4x Ansmann Ni-MH battery 2700 mAh 4x Philips Ni-MH battery 2450 mAh All of the equipment works perfectly and has always been taken great care of. However, having been used underwater there might be slight traces of wear and tear. From a non-smoking household. The lens and port are dust-free with no lens fungus and are both completely undamaged. I’ve always been really pleased with the quality of the pictures the camera produces. Here are just a few examples: http://www.ceea.at/Taranga/LX3/Preview.jpg (the large picture shows the camera in action whilst the small pictures were taken with the LX3) http://www.ceea.at/Taranga/LX3/P1380323.jpg http://www.ceea.at/Taranga/LX3/P1380981.jpg Please feel free to contact me for more photos if you are interested. Original price: approx. 2.100€ (still have the original receipts) Selling price: 650€ (basis for negotiation)
  2. Still everything OK with your D2s? My D2 works fine on the first diving day, but on the second only manual mode was possible (no TTL) Also the cycle time was on the second and third day not as good. Back at home I tried a D1 and everything works fine with my GH4. So I think the D2 must be broken
  3. dslr, mirrorless or compact? I have a full camera set up with a compact camera: Panasonic LX3, 10bar housing and Sea & Sea YS-110 Alpha
  4. But Subal states on its website, that the 7-14mm fits in the 4"-Port?!
  5. why is one Port not an option? or you just mean, that the DP-100 (4") is too small?
  6. What a pity! I hoped, that one Port is possible! another reason to get a Subal-Combo with the Subal DP-100 dome port for the Pana Lenses. What do you think about this configuration?
  7. so it is not possible, to use the Oly 7-14mm and the Oly fisheye in with the same port?
  8. But if you are moving a little bit under water, the back button autofocus isn't so good?!
  9. What advantage has Olympus against Pana in stills?
  10. yes, the next "Problem" The GH4 should be a little bit "better" than the OM-Ds. How many pics can you take with one battery?
  11. sounds not good, thanks for the hint! But also some GH4 has "shutter problems" http://cameraergonomics.blogspot.co.at/2014/06/panasonic-gh4-user-review-part-4.html did you hear already from this problem?
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