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  1. cheers guys, yea thats what i was thinking wanted a few good experiences before i brought one, sweet ill have a look at it yea im planing to dive down to 20ish meters but just dont have the cash for a 800$ set up.
  2. cheers yea, im wordering if its worth getting one because for the price they have what i need and the main reason is because their small and compact this is really the main reason why im interested. know of anyone thats had personal experience? cheers
  3. nice shots, whats the deepest depth you have taken the D10? intrested in buying one because for the price its sounds well worth it
  4. yea i was having a look at them but that price it quite a bit over what i was looking for, but ive only just got intrested in underwater photography and my nikon d40 might be a bit too complex to use underwater, so was thinking about getting a cheap set up to start with. What would you suggest for a point & shoot set up? cheers
  5. Hey guys im really curious as to how deep the canon d10 can really go, the reason im interested is because its possibly the cheapest and actually affordable option for me at the moment and because reviews have shown that it takes prty awsome photos. so if someone has one would you suggest buying? and how far have people taken this camera? cheers guys,
  6. Hey guys wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a housing for my nikon D40, Only issue is im short on cash so the cheaper the better aslong as its trustworthy cheers,
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