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  1. Interested in all - still available? Email me - abbottd2@hotmail.com
  2. I am also looking for the housing for a d300s
  3. When you say 10k PA are you meaning 10,000 bucks yearly?
  4. Wow!! Incredible!! What camera, lens, and housing were you using? What charter company did you use?
  5. Who did you travel with (which liveaboard)? Did you snorkel or dive?
  6. That is cool. Just to have experience, let alone the pics.
  7. Tiger is THICK! So seriously - how much "escaping" are you doing during these shoots? Moving to get out of the way of those guys.
  8. The last is my fav! Love little creatures like that!
  9. I wont be viewing your stuff before a trip, but it is cool!
  10. Love them all! I think that reflections looking up are amazing all the time! Where were you diving at?
  11. I am sure that is true, but I really want to do this because I love doing it!
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