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    Working out, running, enjoying the out of doors or a good book when possible.

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  1. I love Lembeh ! So many sujects so little time . Iv'e been thinking lately that I need to get there again... soon.
  2. Check out Bruce Mozert of Silver Springs fame.
  3. Hello, I'm looking for an Ikelite housing and tray for a Canon G-9 camera with a single or double tray.Wet lenses a consideration too. Contact me at H2Oman211@yahoo.com Thanks.
  4. Hello, I'm out of here in July to Saba Island in the Carribean and I'm looking for information on travel to Saba from ST. Maarten . Fly or ferry? Also I'm wondering what type of camera set up I should pack? (ie:macro , wide, close -up.) Any insight or experence is welcome. Thanks.
  5. I'm thinking of buying a micro mate wet diopter from Backscatter for a trip I'm taking to Indonesia this fall and I'm looking for any feed back about them .It would be fitted to my Aquatica 200 housing . I will be shooting with a Sigma 50mm macro lens and and older film Nikon 105 macro lens .I'm also looking for feedback on the stix bouyancy floats for my TLC arms. Please let me know what experiences you have had with these items.
  6. I'll do that when it gets back from New Hampshire.
  7. I run two seperate pieces of 3/8 bungy cord through the hole in the handle of my Aquatica 200 housing. I tie the ends, each one seperatly ,then I tie aloop in the other end with both bungy cords and put a small carabiner through it. I can Hook it too a nylon wrist sling and I carry two short john lines to hook it to my bc and to a small lift bag while on the surface waiting for a ride.
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