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  1. Hello all. I have a trip planned with my family coming up in august. I'll be traveling with my 3 siblings and parents, none of whom dive so I'm unfortunately looking to pack as much diving into just a few days. We'll be on Maui for 4 days and the big island for 6. I'll be diving with my D90/Aquatica. Maui: Is the Molokini Crater THE place to go? It seems like this is the place that everyone talks about. Lahaina Divers comes up a lot in what I've read. Good/bad reviews? It seems like more of a cattle boat, and they only give you 72's?? Other names that have come up are Mike Severns or Ed Robinson. I also talked to Extended Horizons, who said they would set me up going to the Cathedrals (Lanai) in the morning and then shore diving in the pm. Where would you try to go if you had one day and who would you try to do it with? Hawaii: I think I'll probably just do the 2 tank manta dive with Jacks Diving Locker. Thoughts? Thanks a lot!
  2. Hey everybody I'm going on the blackboards live aboard in 2 weeks and am thinking of picking up one of these coolers to use as my rinse tank for the week. Ive used crappy coolers before but I've heard these ones are nice. Im thinking that having my own spot to put my camera will protect it from other cameras seeing as the boats are likely to be crowded and don't have camera tables, etc. So who out there uses one of these coolers? Anybody care to post a picture of their rig in the cooler so i can get an idea for size? What size are people using, the 36? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the quick replies. I do indeed have the older 60mm and have used the TC with it. My next question would be if the Aquatica port lock to lock the extension to the dome is necessary?
  4. Ok heres my dilemma. Im going on a blackboards cruise in a couple weeks, which will be my first time using my Tokina 10-17. I have experience with my Nikon 60. I'm using the 6" dome port and I have a couple questions related to minimizing $$$ spent on extension rings. 1. Can the 6" port be used with the 10-17 w/o an extension ring? I know it fits but corner sharpness will suffer. My question is how much. 2. Im interested in using my Kenko 1.4 with the 60mm since i don't have a 105. a)Will i want this in the bahamas on this trip or will i be fine with just the 60? b) can i use the same extension ring as the 10-17? I know the chart says a different one but Ive assembled the camera and it seems to fit without any extension ring at all so maybe it would work? Thanks
  5. Bump. Last call for anyone who has 8" arms and clamps. I need to order new ones this week if i can't find used. Thanks.
  6. I havent actually used either yet, but from the research ive done it comes down to whether you place a higher priority on over/unders or CFWA. Im opting for a smaller port for ease of travel. Also if you ever go with a rectilinear WA lens, you would want the 8.
  7. Looking for 5" or 8" ULCS arms and or clamps. email me if you want to sell malley1717@gmail.com
  8. I like the gun part, but i think some of the extra fish are distracting. Id like to see it with them removed...
  9. yep still for sale...looks like ill have to come down a little bit thanks to that lp sale. email me with an offer
  10. For sale is a like new big blue 170 lumen led focus light. Have literally used it for one day of diving (2 dives). Works flawlessly, looks new. Mount it on top of your housing to improve your macro shots. Light turns of when strobe flashes so there are no spots in your photos! Selling to hopefully buy a dome for my new Tokina 10-17 that i just got for my birthday. Asking $125. malley1717@gmail.com
  11. Hello all, This is one of my first attempts with my D90 Aquatica set up. For right now Im just working on macro since adding wide angle would add at least $1,500 to my gear. What do you think? Be honest!!
  12. I think this may have been asked before but i cant seem to find it. Why is there no option on the Aquatica lens charts for the tamron 10-24? Has anyone tried any extensions? Im thinking of using it with the 8 inch dome. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the quick reply stoo. I have noticed this and was thinking of something similar. The one problem i would have is i detach the balls on top of the handle to store it in my pelican case, but i could get around this. Would it be a bad idea to drill a small hole in the base of the handle?
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