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  1. It seems that people seem to prefer the Tokina, although as of yet nobody has really explained why! -JW
  2. I see that the 10-17 is actually a fisheye- I suppose that does not matter underwater....but perhaps the design also yields better corner sharpness than the canon 10-22? Do you need a diopter with the 10-17? I appreciate both of all your comments- thank you-JW
  3. also, if you can recall what diopter is right for the 10-22, that would be great!
  4. Not to beat a dead horse- but when you "distortion is easy to control" what do you mean by that? With a diopter, or with stopping down? Are you using Ikelite housing? thanks so much- I already have the 10-22, so I would prob need to sell it to buy the Tokina, so I want to be sure this is the right move.
  5. HI- do you use the big dome? What kind/strength of diopter? Thanks!! JOHN W.
  6. Some advice would be appreciated- I currently have a Canon Rebel digital camera and a 10-22 wide angle. I am thinking of purchasing the Ikelite housing and large dome port- however, I am concerned that even with the big dome, the edges of images will be blurred- could any user of this set up please give me advice? How wide can you zoom without blurred edges? Do you have any example images with this combo? Much appreciated! John in Boston
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