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  1. Thank you Leon and Claudia, great post, very helpful. Going to the sardine run on mid June and appreciate your post. Fernando
  2. Thanks for the help, I'm going for the SE PRO. A friend just told me Amphibico is building an external HD 16:9 monitor. I hope my wallet will be recovered by then!.
  3. I want to buy a housing for my Sony A1, has anyone tried the new Amphibico dive buddy evo HD SE l with the incorporated rear LCD viewfinder?. I like the Dive buddy SE PRO as well but the cost is almost twice with the external viewfinder. Can someone give me some advice?. Thanks Fer.
  4. Thank you very much NWDiver and John. Very usefull information. Great pictures from NWdiver and a great article By John!!. I have sent an e-mail to the Sea Hunter, the trip looks amazing, hope they have space. I will try Tahiti the year after. Thanks again
  5. I am trying to decide where to reserve next October 2007. I like the Aggressor liveaboard and Tahiti or Cocos are in missing list. Can anyone give me a hand?, thanks.
  6. Thank you Dave, I will contact you when I recover from this one.
  7. Has anyone tried to fit the new nikon 105vr lense on the sea and sea dx70 or similar housing? I know this is an old topic but I can't manage to find an answer. Thanks
  8. Want to buy a focus light for my Sea and Sea DX-70 housing, can someone recomend wich one will work? Thanks.
  9. Thanks a lot Merlinos and Michel, going to have a look at the Subal too.
  10. Hello, I have been filming underwater for a few years and only got to use my housing in long trips, there is not much to film in the Mediterranean coast, so I decided to "try" underwater photography. I just bought the new Nikon D70 with these lenses: 10.5 dx fisheye, 105 macro and the 17-80 dx. I have read many posts in this site for the past month and my conclusion is to get the Sea and Sea or the Ikelite housing, can anyone give me a hand to decide what to get?. Thanks a lot Fer.
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