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  1. Hi, My DSC-P1 Not have Preflash. And,Sony Digital cameras Not have preflash mostly. IMHO, INON D-180 is best for DSC-P@ http://www.inon.co.jp/product/strobe/d180.htm Unfortunate‚Œ‚™,I do not have D-180.(I have Epock). This (DSC-P5/9 and D-180) combination no one try yet.
  2. Hi, I need look up fish names in internet. Please sugest good internet site.
  3. Hi, >Would the dome port fix this problem? No, May be, This dome port work full wide position. >nd finally, anybody know where to get this product in the USA? This dorm port not sell in JAPAN and the world.
  4. Hi, I do not have microdrive. This is infomation only. I saw same discussion in Japanese forum. They sed 134M microdrive have many probrem.meny crash reports. 1G microdrive is more safety,but not perfect.
  5. Hi, I have DSC-P1. >There is a EV adjustment option on the camera, but it doesn't work when the >flash is on, and the flash has to be on to fire the external strobe. You are right. DSC-P1 had same work. Last time, I try to manual strobe(Epock). It too difficult fo me.Hard to right setting. I think,Your photos are good.DS-50 was not bad choice. Of couse.it depend on need. Thank you good repot.
  6. I try to RED color filter,but it not work fine. shallow water make too RED. deep water make no defferent image. flash make mad color ,(yes it is my misstake,I needed filter off.) I vote Digital not need RED color filter.
  7. Hi 1) http://www.inon.co.jp/ (Japanese) 2) still unfixed.
  8. This HP is helpful. Direct link Underwater LCD Viwer Hanachan's homepage for SCUBA diving http://star.ruru.ne.jp/hanachan/index.htm
  9. Hi. http://www.div.co.jp/cgiimage/products/oly...s_mc700_top.jpg mail address div@div.co.jp
  10. Hi. I heard, Sea&Sea D60/D100 housing use CX ports.
  11. Hi. SEA and SEA make DSC-P5 housing to MMII lenz adapter.(Not sony) >Is there some way of making ... How about SEA and SEA YS-90DX fibre-optic cable #58030,It may be work. normal strobe not have light control function,be careful
  12. Hi. Anonymous is me. >do you have that experience? Not yet. Some people sayed Epock have not good o-ring system. Look. http://www.hoops.livedoor.com/~inuzuka_m/d...obe/indexe.html http://www.hoops.livedoor.com/~inuzuka_m/d...be/strobe_r.jpg May be, Many people fogot this check point.
  13. Hi. It is not olympus product. and not New. manufacturer UN. SF128 Underwater slave flash. GN 5,10 It is only 2 steps control. IMHO,This is not good product. [Edited on 6-12-2002 by INUZUKA.m]
  14. Sea and Sea announce EOS D30/D60 Nikon D100 housing. https://www.sec.so-net.ne.jp/UWDIGICAM/bbs/...img/img3348.jpg I do not have spec sheet.but , You can ask in this place. http://www.so-net.ne.jp/UWDIGICAM/bbs/uwdi...came/wforum.cgi
  15. Hi, Can you read Japanese? http://www.naturephoto.co.jp/ E-mail info@naturephoto.co.jp They are Scuba dive equipment shop ,Nagoya JAPAN. or http://www.marscuba.com/uwdigital.html matt@marscuba.com I don't know price. ask them.
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