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    Playa Herradura-Costa Rica and Sardinia-Italy

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About Me

I was born in Switzerland and started diving in 2006 in Sardinia where i lived for the last 13 years. I became a dive professional in 2007 working in Sardinia/Italy and Costa Rica after i started to work in the dive business 1998 as captain. My biggest passion is the sea, over and under it and i am an expert sportfishinguide and certified captain with more than 16'000 miles sailing.

Costa Rica is my favorite dive destination as i love the daily surprises while diving and working and the enormous mass of marine life even if diving here is not always easy. Sardinia is my second love as i started to dive there but especially for the excellent viz between 45-100 ft and the spectacular ambients, caves and wrecks.

Third place goes to Isla Coiba in Panama, a real paradise for uw photographers for the incredible amount of sea life and pretty good viz.

I dove also in the Red Sea and have made a lot of dives in Roatan during my Instructor course, but i was after some days a bit "bored" as there where not so much fishes to see. To be honest i have to admit that i made some of my best photos in Roatan, but most of them in macro shooting small critters.


                I speak (Swiss)German, Italian, English, Spanish and some French too.

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