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  1. I just got the RecSea housing as well as an S95. I will be using it in Cozumel in about a month. Much, much, less weight than my other system. Here in the US, I can put it on my insurance policy for my house, which I will do this week. This covers me no matter what happens. I believe that you can also get similar insurance via DAN. Not sure what will happen when you submit a claim to RecSea; however, I question if they will cover your camera. I had a leakage problem when my Ikelite housing was damaged by the TSA when they inspected my luggage. My housing cracked and leaked. Fortunately, I caught the leakage before the camera got damaged. It was clearly the fault of the TSA who did not repack the housing in my luggage. I had to pay for the repair...couldn't convince anyone else that they had to pay. $400US to fix it at my expense. Good luck! George Vestal, NY
  2. Steve: I shoot at night (day too) with a G9 and Ikelite housing and Ikelite Flash. The shutter lag is terrible. I have lots of photos of fish tails. In addition to shutter lag issues, the weight of the camera, housing, flash, spare batteries, adds to an already heavy peice of luggage. Any thoughts of a simple camera/housing/flash(perhaps built-in flash) that would have low shutter lag and also be very lightweight from an airline/luggage standpoint? Thanks George Vestal, NY
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