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  1. Hi All, Yet another last minute trip that I need some guidance on. Heading to Mallorca, Spain for a few days and curious where to dive. I'm sure its not spectacular but any suggestions of where to go and with who would be appreciated. Best Regards, Kelly
  2. Hi there, Planing a last minute trip to Bergen, Norway this weekend and curious if anyone has suggestions of dive operators there? Must see/miss dive sites also. Any info helps. Cheers, Kelly
  3. Really nice footage. Well done. Which cenotes/caves were you diving? A little off topic but I noticed where you are from and I am heading to Bergen this weekend and hoping to get some diving in, any recommendations? VH, Kelly
  4. Hello, I was in the same situation this time last year. I was on an extended trip and couldn't afford the liveaboard trip as it truly is a big chunk of cash. I heard from many people that I shouldn't even bother going unless I was going to do a liveaboard but after being there I beg ti differ. The day trips are still fairly expensive also but still amazing (land and diving). I dove with Scuba Iguana and they had nice boats, good guides etc etc. I think I paid 150 a day but I also had all of my gear with me. Booking ahead was 190 I believe and only necessary if your really strapped for time and want to guarantee a spot on the boat. Well worth it either way IMO. What I saw diving... Turtles Sea Lions Eagle Rays Mobula Rays ( a school of about 50) Marble Rays (massive) White tip sharks on literally every dive Galapagos Sharks Black tip sharks Hammerheads (individual, pairs and smaller schools of about 15) Garden Eels Snake eels Stone fish Schools of pelagic fishes On one of the land based day trips to Bartolome I also experienced snorkeling with the colony of penguins. This was spectacular for me as I had seen most of the other species. The one thing you will miss unless your lucky is the huge schools of hammerheads, pods of dolphins and whale sharks. This is what Darwin and Wolf is so famous for from my understanding. I believe the whale sharks are not around until July/August anyways. Unfortunately those dive sites are only reachable by liveaborad The land trips are also amazing if you like topside wildlife too. I spent 11 days there and alternated between the 2. Accoms and food was also very cheap if you stay and eat at the right places. Don't expect more than a bed and a fan though. Overall if you have the time and are in the area its worth going. In my eyes at least. Enjoy, Kelly
  5. Thanks for the input. Do you have any samples online to hear the sound quality of the Zoom H4N and H2?? Cheers, Kelly
  6. Ok well this is great and gets me pointed in the right direction. I have watched some videos where the narration sounded horrible and just kinda "cheap" and this is not the way I want to go. In saying that I dont want to break bank in the process because there are always ways around it. I will have to get set up and obviously play around with some trial and error, just another one of the many learning curves. Thanks a lot for the suggestions and whenever I get around to it I will post for review. Cheers, Kelly
  7. Hello, I am interested in taking the next step and getting into some voice over short videos as I am getting bored of the same old music vids. I have never attempted this before and just looking to get a running start from you all. Any info regarding mics and software would be much appreciated. The other thing I was curious of was the easiest way to go about workflow... Have a rough edit script to base editing on. Editing then creating script. Rough plot and script before shooting and editing etc. A little hesitant about how my voice will sound but willing to at least give it a try! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Kelly
  8. Thanks for all of the kind remarks! This was from 2 trips in the Red Sea (12 days of diving). Both trips had their differences as they were opposite times of the year with different water temps. The Red Sea is quite diverse hosting wrecks, walls and reefs but IMHO I don't think its quite at the Indo level. Macro was almost none existent except for a few crustaceans, couple of nudis and some pipe fish. However it does have some nice wide angle and can have some amazing vis. I wouldn't hesitate to go back. Maybe a Sudan safari next time though. Thanks Peter. I was very active last year and this year started with Similans and Lembeh. The editing is starting to pile up. Thanks Nick, not too sure about the tooth, they can be pretty reckless hunters though.
  9. Thanks Simon. Sony XR500-L&M-Fathom 90-Sunray 1200 Grey reefs were at "Little Brother" The only sharks I saw in 2 trips to the same area in May and Dec. Got really unlucky at "Big Brother". I had a very very slow buddy preparing for dives and the one time that I asked him to be ready early so we could be first to the one plateau where Threshers are often seen we got skunked. The rest of the group stayed with one in the exact spot shortly after us for about 10 minutes. It was coming back and forth and also very close from what I understand grrrr. Luck of the draw I guess. No Longimanus either which would have made me a very very happy boy. Unfortunately weather stopped us from making it to Daedalus too. Cheers, Kelly
  10. Hello, Here is a short video I just finished from Northern Wrecks & Reefs, Brothers and Elphinstone. Here is the link (kept showing error after embedding?) As always all comments and critiques are welcome and appreciated. Cheers, Kelly
  11. Hi All Looking for some info on color correction with PP CS5. Has anyone found any good tutorial videos out there? Specifically with underwater video, blue and or green water. I have played around with a lot of the CC functions just looking for a little more detailed help with tweaking. Lacking time to surf the web and wetpixel in search of something so I thought I would make a post. Thanks in advance, Kelly
  12. Hello, I just got back from 2 weeks at Nad Lembeh and had an amazing time. It was my first time to Lembeh and I will be going back no doubt. NAD was great! The dive operation was very professional, good boats, long dive times (generally 75 minutes unless there was something special in the end it was no issue to stay longer), outstanding dive guides that have been in Lembeh for many years. The resort was set up nice with camera rinse tanks, wet camera room and also a media room with plenty of space for chargers and 2 computers for data transfer if your not bringing a laptop. The rooms were also great. Spacious with air conditioning and fan, hot water and comfortable beds. The food and kitchen staff were also great. Very good service throughout the entire trip and I LOVED the food and know others did also. There was an American lady there who was a vegetarian and it was no issue to have special dishes made for her. Transfer to and from the airport was prompt with no issues at all. Also a very reasonable priced compared to others. Overall it was an awesome trip and I will stay with NAD next time without hesitation. Hope that helps. Kelly
  13. Hello, I was there for a few weeks earlier this year. I was diving out of Caye Caulker with Frenchies. There is only a few dive shops on the very small island and none of them are overly fantastic. It was long boatrides to the outer reefs including the blue whole and because of this quite expensive. I think it was around 200 for a day trip with 3 dives. The diving closer to the island was alright but nothing to exciting. The blue hole is really nothing special either although we did have some grey reefs come in quite close. The dive's after the blue hole were very nice. Healthy corals and nice diversity of marine life and we had really good vis too. Another place I would recommend that I missed out on was Placencia a bit further south. That time of year around the full moon you have good chances to see whale sharks feeding on the eggs of spawning jacks. I do not know any operators in that area but they are busy that time of year so you might want to send an email in advance. We did a howler monkey river tour out of Placencia and it was really fantactic also. Just take plenty of bug spray!!!! Good luck Kelly
  14. I have never actually tried to white balance with the water surface and no sun. This seems to work well Simon? All good points. Besides time in the water and editing you need to use your down time on this website and others. Learning about different techniques, equipment, maintenance, watching videos and seeing what you like and dislike and researching your next dive destination! I have picked up a lot of very useful information on here regarding all of the above! Now its off to the Red Sea for me!!! Cheers, Kelly
  15. Hello, I am just curious on what the preferred method for cleaning both sides of a fathom 90 port? I have just been using a camera cloth to gently clean it. Is there recommended cleaning solutions? A little hot breath? Like anyone I just want to have a clean clear surface and not cause any damage while achieving this. Cheers, Kelly
  16. Hi, I am no professional by all means but a few things I have picked up along the way. 1) You will want to look into manual white balance to help with color correction. It makes a big difference and saves a lot of time when editing. You can use a white/grey slate, the sand, a white fin, the sun on the water surface etc. There should be many other posts about this that you can find. 2) Stability in the water. Camera shake is one of the most distracting things for a viewer. Buoyancy and stability are very important. Of course the first thing your learn 11 years ago was to never hold your breath while diving. Agreed....there is a BUT in my eyes. I hold my breath all of the time to help myself stay still. Only do this if your are comfortable with it and understand when you can and cant breath hold. Other breathing techniques can also be useful for certain types of up/down shots. Another very useful tool is a tripod. Yes more stuff to lug around but I use my tripod a lot! For wide angle, macro, free swimming and panning. I have a gorilla pod and I brace 2 of the legs on my forearms for additional stability and it does help. The more points of contact with the rig the better as long as you are in a comfortable position and can see the LCD screen. 3) As Steve mentioned downward shots can make the subject look quite 2 dimensional so try to shoot up with the sun at your back. Shooting into the sun can often highlight all the particles in the water and make exposure difficult. In saying that silhouette shots can be very nice (ei. a turtle blocking the sun). 4) Editing is all practice makes perfect. Along with filming. You will notice in most documentaries and short films that the clip lengths are generally quite short. 2-5 seconds depending. When you have a subject try to get various shots to tell the story. Wide angle...close ups...different angles. The more you film the easier it becomes to find what you think looks nice. 5) Panning shots can be difficult. Try to move slowly and smooth. Often following a subject makes it look much nicer. You may notice your general diving speed slows down...Annoying your buddy unless he has a camera too. Take your time. Get the shot. Stay in the water and practice as much as possible and soon you will not want to dive without a camera in front of your face. Good luck!!!
  17. What a sensational experience! Where was this? Thanks for sharing. Kelly
  18. Hi, I was in Utila and Roatan earlier this year for about 3 weeks. I am also in my mid 20's and had a blast in Utila as it was a very young island. There is usually a party if your looking for it but also a quiet scene too if thats what your after. I did not find the diving in Utila all that great to be honest. We had some nice dives but nothing too fantastic and we didnt see any whale sharks which was part of the reason of going. I would recommend staying and diving with Underwater vision. It was a fairly new facility, quite clean, volley ball court, nice dock to swim from, good cheap food and a bar with cheap beer. From what I saw it was one of the nicest places on the island and set up the best. I don't recall what the diving cost was but somewhere around 25 a dive and accommodations were very cheap. I think it was about 7 or 8 dollars each for a twin bed room. Decent diving and a good time for sure. Roatan is a much bigger island but I only stayed 4 or 5 days there. The diving was noticeably better due to the fact that it is a marine park. It didn't blow Utilia out of the water but it was nicer in my opinion. I made this judgement with zero persuasion too as I didnt even know it was a marine park or meant to be any better. I noticed the difference the first dive. The island itself was a bit more expensive but seemed to be very quiet and relaxed. Not a lot going on except a few beers on the beach. I stayed and dove with Native Son's/Chillies which was suggested to me by another wetpixler and I was quite happy with them. Big roomy boat for day trips and nice enough accoms. Take bud spray as I was destroyed by sand flies. I would suggest spending some time on both? There is a couple that sail (motor) in a catamaran almost daily and just takes 3-4 hours from what I remember. I don't remember the name of the operation but I'm sure you can find info online or just ask at Underwater vision, they will call the captain and book it for you. Good luck and I hope this helps. Kelly
  19. Just thought I would add to this post instead of starting a new one. I am heading to southeast Asia in the new year and have made diving plans for Thailand and Indo. I will also be in Cambodia and Vietnam for maybe a week each. Just looking for info on any decent spots to do day trips. If not diving I am always looking for stunning topside stuff as well. Any input helps. Thanks, Kelly
  20. Simon, Well done, some great shots! How many dives was this footage from? I am going to Lembeh for the first time in January so this footage really got me excited! What did you do for CC for the footage without lights? I will try a few different methods with and without lights and just curious what you found was working the best. Cheers, Kelly
  21. Hi, I am looking for the macro port for a L&M Stingray G2+ for a Sony XR-500 Camera. Any info please reply. Cheers, Kelly
  22. Thanks Steve glad you liked it. I will likely make a longer version when I get some time, still have Utila/Roatan, Galapagos and Red Sea to edit from the last 6 months so it may have to wait! All I I did with the bat fish shot was a tiny bit of RGB correction as the shot was even more green than it is now. It was shot along the edge of a mangrove whole snorkeling and the water was fairly merky. Maybe I over did it? I really enjoyed Belize and wouldn't hesitate to go back. Belize city however was a pretty sketchy place sop I did not experience the fish market. Some of my friends were also robbed in Placencia so you really need to be aware of your surroundings! Although there are many places like this I suppose. Cheers, Kelly
  23. Of course you could get away with just one light for macro but there is times you will really want 2. If you are filming something on the sand bottom typically one light will do the trick but in certain positions 2 is going to be much better. Critters hidden in stag horn corals etc. I guess it depends how much macro you will be shooting to decide if you want to buy 1 or 2. I have L&M sunray 1200's and have had to use just one as I had a battery fail during a dive. It was fine for certain things but other times it wasn't so great due to shadowing and positioning. http://www.backscatter.com/learn/article/article.php?ID=15 This has a little article about shooting macro with video lights maybe it will help with your decision. But to answer you question I would say yes it is possible but results may differ from time to time. Hope this helps and good luck!
  24. Adobe PP CS5. It has more than what I need as I do not do anything crazy just straight cuts, cross dissolves , fades and a tiny bit of colour correction. Very happy with it and preforms great on my Asus.
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