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  1. The Reef Photo website has a great "cheat sheet" on how to set-up Z240 strobes. Vettediver
  2. Be prepared to have all your bags, including your carry-ons weighed prior to boarding the Flight from Belize City to Ambergis Caye.
  3. Alex: try southern Nikonos. Regards; GWB Underwater camera repair by Southern NikonosPrompt, exclusive Nikonos camera, strobe, and accessory repair. Courses on maintenance of Nikonos equipment, information, and assistance. www.southern-nikonos.com/ - Cached - Similarâ–º Southern Nikonos Services Center IncSouthern Nikonos Services Center Inc Place page 3119 Lazy Spring Drive Houston, TX 77080-2821 (713) 462-5436
  4. George Berko would like to purchase a triggerfish from your next batch. my e-mail is GBerko@SWbell.net
  5. I tried fibre optic flash cords with my Nikon D 300 and Inon 240 strobes and have never looked back. The Nikon iTTL system functions perfectly and I have eliminated six potential flooding/failure points in the process- two camera bulkheads, two strobe cords, and two strobe bulkheads. An added bonus- fibre optic cables are much cheaper than electric cables, are field servicable / replaceable.
  6. Divervision is a fine retailer. I have ordered from them many times. Deliver to Houston, Texas has always taken only seven or eight days.
  7. John: I have an Aquatica housing in excellent condition with both a 60mm flat and a dome port. It also comeswith a zoom gear and port extension to use a Sigma 17-70 mm lens behind either port. The housing has two five pin Nikon Flash bulkheads. I will include all the spare o rings I have for this setup. us$ 800 delivered. Paypal payment. Please reply to GBerko@SWbell.net Regards; George Berko
  8. Please post some pictures of both the lens and the Nexus gear. thanks; GWB
  9. Ask Ikelite, they will give you a straight answer.
  10. I use a 16 gig card in my D 300. one needs to match the capacity of the camera battery and the data card. The card I use holds about 600 raw images and the camera battery has always lasted at least five dives, even thought I use the camera flash to optically fire my strobes.
  11. Sam: I purchased a Nexus D 300 M6 housing over a year ago along with a FP 160 M5 dome port. It came with the M5/M6 adaptor because there were no M6 ports available at that time. The only way to use a FP 160- M5 dome port with this setup was to use at least a 10mm port extension. By the time that the M6 ports came out Nexus was aware of the problem with the FP 160 M5 dome port and the M5/M6 adaptor so they exchanged my FP 160 M5 for a FP 160 M6 free of charge. Regards; GWB
  12. Could you provide the addresses for some of the websites that sell the fibre optical cable that you mentioned in your post. Thanks in Advance. Vettediver
  13. I don't know what kind of cover comes with your Ikelite dome but I use custon neoprene covers made by Terrapin Wetsuits, Austin, Tx. I leave the cover on until I am in the water , stuff it into my wetsuit during the dive and put in on the dome during my safety stop. Terrapin has a website and their prives are very reasonable.
  14. I don't use an Ike housing so I'm just guessing here, but the Sigma 17-70 mm lens requires about a 20mm port extension so the lens doesn't hit the back of the dome when the lens is zoomed out toward 70 mm. I do not know if Ike's domes can be fitted with extensions??? Regards;
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