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  1. The Reef Photo website has a great "cheat sheet" on how to set-up Z240 strobes. Vettediver
  2. Be prepared to have all your bags, including your carry-ons weighed prior to boarding the Flight from Belize City to Ambergis Caye.
  3. Alex: try southern Nikonos. Regards; GWB Underwater camera repair by Southern NikonosPrompt, exclusive Nikonos camera, strobe, and accessory repair. Courses on maintenance of Nikonos equipment, information, and assistance. www.southern-nikonos.com/ - Cached - Similarâ–º Southern Nikonos Services Center IncSouthern Nikonos Services Center Inc Place page 3119 Lazy Spring Drive Houston, TX 77080-2821 (713) 462-5436
  4. George Berko would like to purchase a triggerfish from your next batch. my e-mail is GBerko@SWbell.net
  5. I tried fibre optic flash cords with my Nikon D 300 and Inon 240 strobes and have never looked back. The Nikon iTTL system functions perfectly and I have eliminated six potential flooding/failure points in the process- two camera bulkheads, two strobe cords, and two strobe bulkheads. An added bonus- fibre optic cables are much cheaper than electric cables, are field servicable / replaceable.
  6. Divervision is a fine retailer. I have ordered from them many times. Deliver to Houston, Texas has always taken only seven or eight days.
  7. John: I have an Aquatica housing in excellent condition with both a 60mm flat and a dome port. It also comeswith a zoom gear and port extension to use a Sigma 17-70 mm lens behind either port. The housing has two five pin Nikon Flash bulkheads. I will include all the spare o rings I have for this setup. us$ 800 delivered. Paypal payment. Please reply to GBerko@SWbell.net Regards; George Berko
  8. Please post some pictures of both the lens and the Nexus gear. thanks; GWB
  9. Ask Ikelite, they will give you a straight answer.
  10. I use a 16 gig card in my D 300. one needs to match the capacity of the camera battery and the data card. The card I use holds about 600 raw images and the camera battery has always lasted at least five dives, even thought I use the camera flash to optically fire my strobes.
  11. Sam: I purchased a Nexus D 300 M6 housing over a year ago along with a FP 160 M5 dome port. It came with the M5/M6 adaptor because there were no M6 ports available at that time. The only way to use a FP 160- M5 dome port with this setup was to use at least a 10mm port extension. By the time that the M6 ports came out Nexus was aware of the problem with the FP 160 M5 dome port and the M5/M6 adaptor so they exchanged my FP 160 M5 for a FP 160 M6 free of charge. Regards; GWB
  12. Could you provide the addresses for some of the websites that sell the fibre optical cable that you mentioned in your post. Thanks in Advance. Vettediver
  13. I don't know what kind of cover comes with your Ikelite dome but I use custon neoprene covers made by Terrapin Wetsuits, Austin, Tx. I leave the cover on until I am in the water , stuff it into my wetsuit during the dive and put in on the dome during my safety stop. Terrapin has a website and their prives are very reasonable.
  14. I don't use an Ike housing so I'm just guessing here, but the Sigma 17-70 mm lens requires about a 20mm port extension so the lens doesn't hit the back of the dome when the lens is zoomed out toward 70 mm. I do not know if Ike's domes can be fitted with extensions??? Regards;
  15. I own a D 300 and chose a Nexus housing. This housing supports both electric and fibre optic strobe links. I use the fibre optic link which permits the use of the D 300's TTL system with Inon Z-240 strobes and I have been very happy with the results. The fibre optic link eliminates the most common failure point with housed cameras- strobe cords; and elimintates the requirement to purchase a third party TTL adapter, it that is your choice. The Nexus housing is a quality housing, it is allmost as small as the Seatool, comes with intregrated handles, quality ports and accepts a user installable Inon 45degree viewfinder if desired.
  16. I suggest you use the search function and research the Sigma 17-70 mm lens. I have one and it's the perfect compliment to the Tokina 10-17mm. Regards,
  17. I tried 51 point autofocus on my dive last trip and It did not work out well for me. Several times it chose to focus on "other than the main subject of the photo." There are enough things going on while diving with a housed camera one does not need to chase the focus dots around the rear screen. Regards; Vettediver
  18. David: I have thr old style Nikor 60mm which I use almost exclusively behind a dome port for underwater macro. Are there three good reasons why I should upgrade to the new 60mm? Regards; Vettediver
  19. I buy from them regularly. If fact, i placed an order yesterday. Delivery normally takes seven days to Texas. Regards; Vettediver
  20. My vote would be for the Hartenberger. I have used one for three years now without any trouble. The ability to charge the battery without removing it from the case is a super feature. Unless the bulb burns out -which mine has not in over 40 hours under water- one never has to open the light. As long as one has access to power on the camera table you can dive for days just charging the battery between dives. Vettediver
  21. I have a Nexus housing for my D 300. I am driving my Inon strobes with fiber optic cables and have had great luck using the TTL function available in this confirguation. Regards; Vettediver
  22. The Sigma 17-70 mm remains my most used underwater lens. It works equally fine as a good generl purpose land zoom lens. Regards;
  23. I have had to use bi focal masks for some time. The best one I have ever had came directly from Atomic. My dealer sent a copy of my perscription to Atomic and they delivered a mask with my perscription already in place. Regards; Vettediver
  24. Aquatica Housing- housing only- no ports- in excellent condition. ten dives since recent MCD service. Housing has two Nikon strobe bulkheads. Price $1,000 including shipping by air worldwide. Vettediver
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