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  1. I'm a beginner and just purchased the canon s410. Does anyone have recommendations on a housing for it? I'd like something that will allow me to go without a strobe but enable me to add one later.
  2. Heroes

    Help me!

    Thanks guys. It sounds like the Olympus 5050 is pretty popular here. Is it convenient enough to use as a day-to-day camera? Is there a particular housing that's recommended?
  3. Heroes

    Help me!

    I've got about 75 dives under my belt and am interested in getting into photography. I'm looking for a digital camera that would be practical for shots of the kids in the playground but also available with a housing for trips to the Carribean. Initially, I'd be happy to go without strobes but would like the option to add equipment over time. Someone suggested the canon s410 or s500. There's just too much info available and my head is spinning.... I'd really appreciate any responses.
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