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  1. Gina, Great pictures and thanks for information. That's what I figured...I didn't know if there was a special boat dive that goes somewhere with larger stuff like sharks or mantas or others. One question...what camera, lense and settings did you use for your UW photos? Thanks again, -Troy
  2. Heading to Bonaire for a week of diving. I upgraded my point and shoot rig with an E-PL2 setup as mentioned in the topic. I'm wondering what lense upgrade to get. It came with the 14-42mm lense and I'm looking at getting either a macro port like the Athena MP-35 or the Zen Dome Port. I realize I'd have to get the 9-18mm lense with the dome port, but not sure if I need a different lense for the MP-35. Is it mostly macro shots in Bonaire or are there larger wide angle shots that I should consider? Any suggestions? I've attached a couple of photos taken on a break in dive in Key Largo. Thanks, -Troy
  3. I've done UW point and shot for a few years now. Going to GBR next year for a 5 day liveaboard and I want to do some video. Here is the setup that I'm thinking about: JVC GZ-HD500 IkeLite Housing Not sure about lighting that I'll need...suggestions? Total budget between $2k - $3k I've got good PC hardware and software for photo and video editing. Any input would be great. Thanks!
  4. Excellent! Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.
  5. Howdy Folks. I started UW photo last year on a trip to Belize with a Canon A570IS, WP-DC12 Housing and Sealife Strobe. I got a lot of good pictures in Belize, or so I thought. Basically I set the camera to Auto and didn't really read up on the strobe settings. After getting back from the trip and doing a little research I decided that UW photo is going to be a passion of mine so I wanted to get good at it. I've upgraded the strobe to an Inon S-2000 with Ultra Light base and arm setup. Added an Inon lense mount adapter and bought the Macro lense and Wide angle lense. I've learned a lot more about the camera and setup the Hack to take RAW images with it, plus learned about all the settings for different shots as well. Now it's time to learn about the strobe. First question is about maintainence for both the strobe and camera housing. On the housing, how should I clean out the inside of the housing? I've heard warm water and dish soap? On the strobe, is there any other recommendations other than what is stated in the manual? Also, how should I care for the lenses? Cleaning? Storage? Should the housing be disassembled when not diving? When not using the housing and camera should I leave the camera in the housing and sealed up? I bought a Pelican case and keep everything in there at home and while travelling. Thanks for any info you can pass my way. PS. I'm heading to Curacao at the end of April...any recommendations for dive sites? -Troy
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