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  1. Oh Ok Will Keep that In Mind Thankyou Sir It is Really Nice of You To Guide Me, Its Very Encouraging and Helpful , Thankyou Very Much
  2. Thankyou Sir , I Use Nikon D300 with 10-24 Nikon and 105 Macro Nikon In Ikelite Housing with Dual DS 160 Strobes The Setting for the First Photo ( Anemone Fish ) Was - 14mm, 1/160, f/8 at ISO 160 The Setting for the Second Photo ( Snapper Shoal ) Was - 15mm, 1/125, f/8 at ISO 160 The Setting for the Third Photo ( Bigeye Shoal ) Was - 24mm, 1/125, f/6.3 at ISO 160 Oh Ok Will Do So Thankyou Sir Once Again
  3. Thankyou Very Much Sir Atleast I Know I Am Going in The Right Direction Thankyou Once Again
  4. Hello Everybody , This is My Second Try at Underwater Photography. Please Let Me How They Have Come Out Thankyou, Salil
  5. Thankyou Gina Oh Ok Will Try to Improve On them The Next time for Sure Thankyou Very Much Gina Regards, Salil
  6. Hello Everyone , These are a few of My First of the Photos Taken Underwater with My New Gear. I have a D300 in Ikelite Housing and 105 Macro and 10-24 Nikon Lens Please Let Me Know what You think - What the Photos are Lacking and where the Photos can Be Improved Upon Have edited in Photoshop and Cropped them
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