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About Me

I made a Discover Scuba Diving in Fiji, 1999. Today I am PADI Divemaster. In my ‘spare time’ I am the CEO of InPho UK Ltd. I started to deal with photography at the same time when I started to learn writing and reading. I started to deal with photography at the same time when I started to learn writing and reading. At the beginning I used Sea&Sea MX10 under the water, but later I changed to digital photography. The reason that I believed, that the digital technique would be the most common in the underwater photography. I think, I was right. I used an Olympus E-20 SLR camera in a Titan housing (from Light&Motion) and three YS-90 strobes. At the end of 2007 I bought a Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III camera. In 2008 I bought a SeaCam housing for my camera and now I have lots of kinds of lenses. During my journey I was sometimes at the Adriatic Sea, at the Red Sea, at the Maldives, but I dived at the Hawaiian islands, I saw wreck close to England and the marine life of the Caribbean Sea. I had fortune to take photos of whale shark, manta rays. I could touch manatees in Florida. My favorite places are Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Nowadays, my images are used in some Hungarian, Croatian and Egyptian dive centers' catalogues and web pages. Some of my shots can be seen at the Internet in the InPho Gallery (www.inphogallery.com). My articles, shots were published more times in the Hungarian dive magazine (Submarine) and in some Hungarian magazines (Outdoor Sport, Fotó Art, Vesevilág, Impresszum, ...).

Own exhibitions:

Grepton Gallery 2003, Budapest

BankCenter Gallery 2004, Budapest

Fayl Frigyes Gallery 2004, Salgótarján

Radnóti Miklós Gimnázium Gallery 2004, Dunakeszi

Móricz Zsigmond Általános Iskola Gallery 2004, Pátroha

Suzuki Ház Gallery 2004, Budapest

Grepton Gallery 2004, Budapest

Vodafone Gallery 2004, Budapest

Mammut shopping center 2005, Budapest

Slovak National Museum 2005, Martin

Suzuki Ház Gallery 2005, Budapest

BankCenter Gallery 2010, Budapest

Exhibitions with others:

TIT Photo of the year 2003, Győr

Fényes Elek Közgazdasági SZKI 2003, Budapest

Journey around the world 2004, Budapest

TIT Photo of the year 2004, Győr, Csorna, Tét, Mosonmagyaróvár, Pannonhalma, Sopron, Jánossomorja

International Festival of Diving Films, 2004, Slovakia

Flowers for women's day 2005, Budapest

Journey around the world 2005, Budapest

Beneath the Sea's Ocean Adventure and Travel Exposition, 2005, Meadowlands Exposition Center, New Jersey

International Festival of Diving Films, 2005, Slovakia

Journey around the world 2006, Budapest

Travelling around the world – 2011 – Australia, New Zealand and Islands of Pacific Ocean, Wantirna (Australia), Budapest, Kalaznó (Hungary)

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