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  1. Kelly,


    Nice video. I especially liked the floating, timeless quality in the caverns.


    I think the first part of the film would benefit from using the curves filter in PP CS5- especially bringing down the blacks. You will see the footage pop by bringing down the darks a little and slightly boosting the highs.


    Here is a video I shot recently in Cozumel that was flat until I did a little correction: http://vimeo.com/13406715




    Your choice of music was excellent and fit the subject well.



  2. I was in Komodo recently and was unable to get good frame-filling shots of xeno crabs and other small critters with my Sony A1u in an Amphibico housing with the standard port.


    The options for wet diopters seem to be the MacroMate and the SubSee.


    Does anyone have experience with either of these? SubSee makes an adapter specifically for the Amphibico but Backscatter says they can custom make an adapter for the MarcoMate.


    Thanks, Will

  3. Three thoughts and a question-


    I keep a white slate attached with a tether to the housing and held to the housing with a thick and large rubber band. It is easy to use and has never gotten in the way of a shot.


    I have used white duct tape on my Aqualung Blades for a year- it doesn't change the hydrodynamics of the fin and seems very durable.


    I have also used white-palmed gloves in locations that allow you to wear gloves.


    My question- would using 18% gray scale be an advantage compared to a white slate?



  4. I think that you'd benefit from hands-on experience to narrow your search. You may well have friends using FCP and PP. Most editors are evangelists for their system and would let you test-drive for a bit to see how it works. Either program will do the job and there is no right/wrong answer. See if you can get your feet wet from an editing standpoint.


    As far as camera systems go- it sounds like you want to jump right in at the top but I wonder if a less expensive HDV 1-chip system would allow you to see what you really need in a system. There are plenty of used systems about that would not crimp your budget much but would give you a head start in knowing what you want out of a camera. You can probably sell it again without much of a loss.


    Just a thought. Happy shooting!

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