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  1. Organizing a private charter for hopeful in water encounters with Humpback Whales in Newfoundland (not far from St. John's). Friday July 29 and possibly Sat. July 30th as well. Cost will probably be around $300 per person each day for the charter. Flights/food/accommodation would be handled individually and is extra obviously. This trip is ideal for people based in North America and can be done as a weekend type trip from many eastern locals. This would be done with snorkel and encounters are not guaranteed but we would be working with a company that has had success in the past with trips like this. Group will be very small (probably max 5 or 4) and looking to rotate people getting in the water for the best opportunities. I do uw photography and have had various in water whale encounters in the past. Ideally looking for people with similar experiences and or comfortable at sea. Also, this is a private organized trip and I'm not affiliated with any companies or making money from this trip. For more info, drop me a note. James

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