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  1. I have used Aquatica A90, and A70 housings with dive concept 2mm dry gloves. They both work well. The problem I have is with the strobes, I still use SB 105's. Small controls. Jack
  2. I use two types of fins Jet fins size extra large for the drysuit. And Jet fins size large for the wetsuit. My first pair I got 42 years ago and they are still going strong. I have tried other fins over the years and I keep going back to the Jet fins. Jack
  3. Nice, the tokina fisheye makes the eye look different. Jack
  4. Hi My name is Jack I'm also new to this site. I bought a Nikon D70 when they first came out and kept putting off buying a housing. I just stayed with my aquatica A90 with my N90s. Having ports and extensions for the A90 I decided to go with the Aquatica A70. now they no longer make it. So I looked around and talked to an Ikelite dealer thanks david Haas He told my of someone that had moved up to a D300 and wanted to sell her A70 housing. The rest is as they say history. Now to upgrade the SB 105's.
  5. I like the second shot being a cave diver. never been to Eagles nestbut would like to go some day. How far above the debris cone was the first shot taken? Jack
  6. Sorry no text on that last one! Andy, I have shots of the the three same subjects. Why don't they look like those? Must be the dust on my sensor. Jack
  7. Hi this is my first post my name is Jack I'm a cave diver also this works for most people. One or two strobes with remote sensors one for your buddy to carry to point at the wall behind him or hid one behind a rock lighting the back wall.
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