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  1. Thanks for all your help over the last few weeks. After much dithering (and being unable to find the olympus 5050 still on sale) I've finally gone and bought a 5060 instead. I have my reservations about the mixed reviews its got but decided to take my chances as generally it still seems like a good camera. My housing is on its way shortly so I now move onto my next worry....I'm pretified of flooding the bloody thing! Does anyone have any "whatever you do, don't....." tips that will help me not drown the baby before it even sees any fish? Also, I've been looking at insurance and I can't find any which insure against flooding (understandable I guess) - does anyone know of any companies - preferably UK or ireland based? Thanks very much Amy.
  2. Hi, I'm still umming and arghhhing about which camera to get and have spent hours on the internet trying to decide. What I've found out is that the 5050 is now quite hard to come by (typical as I'd just decided I wanted one!) and has now been replaced by the 5060 which as far as I can tell is basically the same camera but with slightly better zoom. Olympus makes its own housing for it as well as its own strobe with housing. I've been told the strobe has major drawbacks (something about spare parts not being available) but that other strobes are out there as alternatives should I decide I want to buy one later. As for whether you need a strobe or not the general concensus seems to be that its definately not essential in the beginning. There are some good picutres on www.digideep.com which used the camera's internal strobe only. Hope that helps! Amy.
  3. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the reliability of buying over the internet - the Olympus c5060z and its PT-020 housing is being sold for $869 on www.oceanbrite.com which seems like a great deal compared to anything in the UK - has anyone delt with them before - and had a good or bad experience? Thanks! Amyx
  4. Hi, Thanks for all your help so far. This 5050 and PT015 housing sounds like a great system and now I really want one but as my luck would have it they now seem quite hard to come by since the 5060 has come out. I've heard that the 5060 isn't quite as good for underwater use - not as versatile and the housing doesn't accept as many lenses or something like that? If I manage to hunt down a 5050 I'll be using the basic Pt015 housing without any additions for a while - do you think I'll have problems finding strobes and lenses to buy at a later date because the model is long gone from the shops or will I have this problem regardless of what I buy cos the model turnover is so high? Arrggghhh its all so complicated - or am I just making it so !!?? Once again any thoughts would be much appreciated. Amy. PS - the olympus C-760, C765, and C-770 have been suggested to me as alternatives - anyone go any thoughts on them?
  5. Thanks for your comments - I've been hearing that the Olympus 5050 and 5060 are a good choice all over the place and it does look great. However, as I will rarely get the opportunity to dedicate a whole dive to taking photos (the majority of my dives at the moment are survey and sample dives over seagrass) I was hoping to get something smaller that (as a very last resort) I could shove in my pocket or let dangle from my wrist. The dimensions of the camera seem big to me so I assume with the housing it will be getting quite bulky. I don't think I'd use a camera that big to take snaps on land and its size would discourage me from taking it along on dives. Is there anything else that produces pretty good photos but is more compact? I thought the Olympus c-50zoom and c-60zoom were a good choice until I heard that you had to close the cover before you could view and delete pictures (?). Help again please!
  6. Hi, I'm hoping someone out there will be able to help me with the daunting decision of which camera to buy. I seem to spend months researching only to find that the model I've decided I like has been replced with something else or isn't so good afterall! As I am new to both digital and underwater photography I would find any advice useful. I like the Pentax Optio s4i which has got very good reviews for on land use but have been unable to find any information on the performance of the housing (O-WP-2). I'm on a tight budget (hoping to get a camera and its housing for under £600) and looking for a compact camera that won't dominate the dive with a relatively large pixal number that can be updated at a later date (with external strobes etc) if required. Any ideas? Help would be much apprciated! amy.
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