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  1. I wonder about how accurate these systems are - I certainly see the intuitive connection between confirming that the pressure inside your housing using one of these systems not changing confirms that your housing will not flood. But have there been extensive tests confirming the link between these two? Changing the pressure inside of your housing at sea level using a pump is different than changing the pressure outside of your housing at depth using seawater.
  2. You have some points there. But with the smaller lens - just look at some of the gopro videos... that's a pretty tiny lens! Also, I like the idea that if I get lost at sea I can use it to make an emergency call. That's one function I think is really nice (even though admittedly you won't get phone reception at every dive spot, this could be a potential life saver). Anyone get one?
  3. What a terrible life it must be to be an anglerfish... Not sure how to embed youtube videos but
  4. Love the worm on his head! Ugh... I sold my u/w gear and just looking at this little crab makes me miss diving and U/W photography so much!!! Of course along with that I thank my lucky stars I was privileged enough to take some shots underwater... but the act of it is so much more than looking at photos... I just miss being underwater will little guys like this... You can have your fancy parties with interesting people spouting shit out of their mouths... I would take a night underwater with this guy any day. Sorry for the rant... I just miss the water...
  5. I may be way off the mark...and probably am... but those black spots look like chromatophores to me... hence something in the cephalopod family. Baby cuttlefish?
  6. Excellent! I really love the flamboyant cuttlefish. Any shots of those guys are great but the combination of his sleepy eye and the "prongs" being nicely out of focus is particularly good.
  7. Hey Guys, I started reviewing some of my camera gear and posting them to youtube. Let me know what you think! Cheers, Jeremy
  8. I have been watching a lot of interviews of Jeff Rubin, a Canadian economist. He has a few wide ranging theories regarding the price of oil and its ties with globalization. While his theories are provocative and aren't necessarily mainstream, I find them convincing. Jeff Rubin on Oil and the End of Globalization So in a nutshell - here's why I hope his forecast is correct: If globalization trends become reversed then carbon emissions recede drastically. That's basically it. We would pollute less. Of course, if his forecast are accurate, then travelling to PNG would be expensive beyond what I could afford. Digital camera prices would also be incredibly expensive. Prices of damn near everything would be more expensive. The percentage of disposable income used for necessities would increase (things like food, toilet paper and soap). We would consume less as a species. And while I enjoy buying lots of shit, ultimately I would prefer we pollute less. I am painting in broad strokes here and touching on different points but I would be interested in others opinions on the matter (even though opinions completely opposite to my own). Cheers, Jeremy
  9. While I think Martin Edge's book is pretty good. It's a hefty thing that sits on the shelf. And yes, it covers quite a lot... but it also refers to conversations here on wetpixel frequently. I suggest keep reading this forum... it's free, weighs nothing and has more updated information.
  10. While there is some diving in the NYC area, most of the vis is pretty bad and using WA is really tough! I had some WA gear and wanted to use it so I decided to in Coney Island... http://stillthrill.c...erwater-part-1/ Does anyone else find any other uses besides their backyard pool to shoot portraits? Anyone try fountains :-P ?
  11. Hey Everyone - Putting the offer on hold while finalizing a deal for the setup. If on the off chance the deal doesn't go through, then I will put back on the forum. Thanks for looking! Jeremy
  12. Hey Kari - I am talking to some people about selling without the 7D body and Sola 600. I would be willing to sell for $4300 without those two items. Would you be interested? Or maybe more with the Sola 600. I understand about the price... I only bought the housing after I sold my car ;-P.
  13. To answer your question - I may sell these strobes individually or as a package if the whole package doesn't sell. As I mentioned in my earlier post - "Because shedding all of this gear separately is more difficult, I will sell as one gigantic package for the first couple of weeks and if no bites... then judiciously sell in packages."
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