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  1. If you could go anywhere in the world on a dive trip (at the moment)... Where would you go. Time is no object. Money is no object. January 2022 Thanks! c
  2. Hi Everyone, Selling some gear. Priced to move! Camera (1) Sony HDR-FX1 (2) BC-V615 chargers (1) AC-L15B AC Power Adaptor (1) NP-F970 Battery (1) NP-F570 Battery (1) NP-F750 Battery (1) RMT-803 Remote Control (1) PL-CIR polarized filter (1) SUPER UV(0) filter (1) User Manual (1) Shoulder camera support Housing (1) Gates Underwater FX1 housing w/ moisture alarm (1) Standard wide angle port w/ port cap (1) Focus ring (2) Gates handles (1) Gates color monitor (4x3) Lights (just back from overhaul at NiteRider) (2) 20W NiteRider light heads (2) NiteRider NMH Batteries (1) Gates/ NiteRider Battery mounts (4) clear/ diffusive lenses (2) Arms Everything works and is in great shape except that the sun, combined with the magnification of the housing viewfinder, damaged the viewfinder screen on the camera. But, as you can see in the last photo with the viewfinder in place it's barely noticeable.
  3. Anyone have a suggestion on a Final Cut filter that best can reduce ocean background noise and leave the voice alone. I just don't have the time to go through them all! Thanks. Chris
  4. I travel with my Gates pole in a telescoping molded plastic fishing rod case. Only room for two segments and actuating rod though. I love my Gates pole and rarely leave home without it,
  5. Discovery also rates XDCAM EX format footage as second class (silver, but not gold), and with only a few exceptions (Plant Earth, etc...) the entire line of Discovery's networks is filled with second class footage and it looks great. The majority of the programming is shot in XDCAM HD these days and the EX1 is now classified in the same category. The other thing that you have going for you is that underwater footage is given a little more latitude by producers because it is believed that it is generally less clear by nature then footage captured in air. Which is debatable, but don't tell anyone of consequence that because it works for us and not against us.
  6. Sorry, I didn't realize that a login was required to view report. The long and the short of it is Silver Standard. That opens the door to most of Discovery networks. Stay on you toes everyone, the competition is going to get fierce, and I'm afraid that footage rates will drop because of it. But maybe that's a whole other post.
  7. Just last week Discovery issued their official report and determination on the EX1. read report Discovery Producers Portal
  8. I have a Gates pole and never leave home without it. The monitor is a must.
  9. Thanks guys! Red crabs of Christmas Island sound cool. How's the diving? Anything noteworthy in the water?
  10. Can't really do live aboard or on scheduled dive tours (bubbles, strobes, visability, time, etc...) because the flexibility isn't there. I'll need to charter. The Australian Coccos sounds interesting, Thanks. Ahnt Atoll, off Pohnepei in FSM, is definitely in the running. The length of the list is the hard part.
  11. Hi All, Could use some suggestions for a series/ Blu-Ray set I'm doing on remote islands. Not too remote though, need the essentials like air and electricity. In each 50 min episode, 30 min will be underwater footage and 20 min will be on land. Definitely looking for some point of differentiation to feature in each episode, and because it is primarily an underwater series, that point should be marine in nature. It would be great to give a little marketing help to some folks who could use it, but don't give away any secrets that you don't want broadcast! Oh yeah, not just tropical either. Can't do it all myself, accepting reels. Thanks! chris
  12. Hi All, I am headed for Sharm el Sheikh on the 23 Nov to shoot the geology of the southern Sanai, underwater and above. Does anyone recall any extra cool rock formations, preferably dark igneous rock (granite, basalt), on any dive sites? Can anyone suggest a dive center who also arranges land desert tours? Any info on a tour company in Alexandria would be helpful as well. Last minute I know, but I'm scrambling to get this together so any help would be appreciated. thanks, Chris
  13. Yes Pablo you certainly understand my dilemma. Sounds like you have some experience in this arena. Like most underwater guys, audio to me is usually an afterthought. We are going to be working as much as 100 miles from the nearest land mass, so wind will definitely be an issue. I didn't even think about the foot steps on the deck. I have worked fairly extensively with hydrophones and waves hitting the sides of the boat is often a problem, so I'd bet that it would also get in the way here. Hmmmmm No easy answers. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the input cw
  14. I could have just slinked away with my tail between my legs like a dog that was just smacked with a news paper but I have decided to seize an opportunity. My intent here is not to get into some sort of conservation pissing contest, however, I must reply. I have spent the entirety of my professional life championing the cause of wildlife conservation. I attended university for nine years and studied biological oceanography for the sole purpose of furthering the cause from a well informed position. Since, I have chosen a career where I felt as though I could reach the largest audience in order to help the masses appreciate nature enough to want to conserve it (I certainly could have chosen a much more lucrative career). My public educational philosophy is one based on creating a dialog with an audience and not one where you call them names and beat them into submission. The challenge that we all face is how to foster a greater appreciation for the natural world and how to encourage a sense of stewardship for the one planet that we have the privilege of inhabiting. You can find my work at The American Museum of Natural History, The National Aquarium, Discovery, for the National Marine Sanctuary program, Wildlife Conservation Association, and at countless other Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, and media outlets. Concerning the fishing show: If we allow the "kill and grill" crowd to control the message, we miss a great opportunity to reach an extremely large segment of the population who spend a significant amount of time on the water, and who have a large steak (no pun intended) in seeing it preserved. And their vote counts just as much as mine and yours. Granted, during the show there will be some killing and there will be some grilling, but if we can convince people that just because you can catch that many fish doesn't mean that you have to keep that many fish, it will go a long way in furthering the cause. Not to mention all the good information that has been gained from tag and release programs around the world. I love to fish, and the idea of selectively killing ONE fish for my dinner, instead of the innumerable masses that are killed as bycatch for a commercially harvested one at the grocery story allows me to sleep very soundly at night. Fishermen can be conservation organizations biggest allies. I check these forums numerous time throughout my day, contributing where I can, and have always appreciated the valuable info that I have taken away. I would like to feel as though I were part of a community of like-minded individuals, which I think that I am. I will, unfortunately, be a little more reluctant to post in the future. I appologize if you felt as though my post were off topic, but if anyone has captured audio with video on a windy, action-pact boat, I figured I would find them here. There will be a large underwater component to the program. I don't think I'll find a lot of help on the fishing forums. I will try the site that Nick suggested. Thanks for that. Sorry for the rant. Chris
  15. Just got a gig producing a fishing show and am a bit perplexed about the best ways to capture audio of the action. It will all be happening in the cockpit of larger fishing boats (no center consoles, 50' and over), however space will be at a premium so I don't want to have to bring an extra person, in addition to another camera man, to work a shotgun. Lavalieres will sound like a fight scene on jerry springer when a fish is on. I'm thinking about mounting shotguns down low, between the gunwales and the deck, and shooting up and back. They will be out of the wind and I can run the wires under the gunwale back to the recorder. Has anyone done anything like this? Any random thoughts. I don't have the luxury of a dry run so I need to hash this out the best I can before "show time" thanks cw
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